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  1. hey, you're from buffalo? i grew up there, went to high school in clarence. where do you live?

    lol that sounds like what a bad evil man would do XD, but im not from buffalo NY tho btw XD if thats what you mean

  2. Xbox 360 thread Aye? i own a 20gig xbox 360 and it rules! but as soon as i heard that the 40 or maybe 60 gigs came out, it costed the same as my 20gig one T_T i was so pissed! although i got it couple months earlier which is nice.

    Now im wondering what games should i get :P I have Tales of Vesperia, Halo 3, and Lost Odyssey, still working on ToV and lost Odyssey, both very long and hard games >_<.

  3. I was at walmart to buy a 80gig ipod, when i suddenly spotted a zune that was also 80gig, hehe not to mention it was also both the same price, but in the end which do you think will be better then the two?

    So far im into music which is in both, but videos, image viewing, radio, VG if possible etc. stuff like that, so now im wondering which of the two is better? both the same price!

  4. the only thing that im trying to figure out, ((although i know what the plot is.)) is Paranoia Agent, could anybody tell me a breif on what its so confusing?

  5. Portal Samething goes for me i bought the game for portal XD enough of those other games, i wanted to see how portal was and what i got in the end was not happy i was in shock it was the best game i have played ina long time. Current Chart Chrono Trigger Tales of Symphonia and now Portal man very good game XD.

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