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  1. My thoughts on the title... (I havn't been on in a while, but I saw the Tweet)

    I'm a Christian, a strong one. I'm actually going to a bible college here soon (for a bit o background info). I of course dislike the usage of Jesus Christ in a disrespectful and profane usage. But on the other hand, I would not in any way see it right to FORCE a remixer to change it. And I'm gonna download it and listen to it, too.

    ...and I'm thankful that God has blessed you with such a gift for music ;)

  2. these already sound great though they way they are. i've got most (well all the good ones i think) of the ssbb tracks myself

    1. There is always something to improve, even when things seem the best they could be.

    2. This is OCReMix, where awesome things get made better.

  3. Weird...

    A while ago they had NiGHTS - SoftMuseumJam on there, and I did get that in the collection, but now I don't see it on that list...

    So I don't think I have any of them, but happened to that song? I know I had seen other songs I had which were in the torrent. Anybody know?


    That would probably explain why when I got it all, it only had about 1,375... had me confiused, lol.

  4. I totally agree and have asked for this game long ago. The music from it is awesome. I love Mexican Mission, Anaconda, Chicago, Streets, and the Menu Theme, among others. Seriously, anyone who mixes these would be greatly appreciated!

  5. Wow, I came in here to post this same idea, only to find someone had already requested it.

    I don't think this would be to hard, you still pick whatever game you want, but now its a style that fits. I'm always looking for new (good) music to listen to around Christimas, and usually there are a few new Christman related ones on OLR or something, but it would be AWESOMEAWESOME AWESOME if someone made a project full of music for it.


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