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  1. I can't remember the last time I downloaded a non-album OCRemix. But I listen to all the old stuff I love whenever I can (like right now, xD). I think it's about time I download one of the bulk torrents again and see what new stuff there is, especially the stuff from my favorite artists. Keep doing what you're doing doods! I hope this website exists forever!!! ^_^

  2. I've been a fan of OCRemix since its early days, and a huge fan of Nobuo Uematsu forever! I own the official soundtracks to Final Fantasy VII, X, X-2, XI (Limited Edition OST), Potions 1, and Chrono Trigger. I've never heard of the Distant Worlds concert till now, but it would be absolutely amazing to get a chance to see one of Uematsu-san's performances live. And to meet him in person? I wouldn't even be able to put my excitement into words! Thank you so much for directing all of us to his real Facebook page. ^_^

  3. Yo people. I just felt like posting something on here, since I rarely ever do. I just wanted to say, I've been coming to this site for the past 10 years or so because video game music is pretty much my favorite type of music and I love listening to the creative ways people remix it. I support this site in any way I can; I have two OCRemix shirts (I would buy more if I could afford it) and I always download the album releases right when they come out so I can seed them (I usually only seed the MP3's though, and not the FLAC files, to preserve space on my hard drive).

    One day, I plan on remixing a particular song from Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest and submitting it to OCR, and I hope the site is still around then, as it may be several years before I get around to it (I haven't really grasped the reins of FL Studio yet). Hell, I hope this site exists for eternity. The music you guys pump out is absolutely amazing! I will keep coming to this site forever. Thank you for producing such wonderful music. ^_^

  4. I'm not much of a forum person, as you can tell from my low post count, but I'm just letting all you doods know that I'm still supporting this site 100% (and have been for the past 8 years or so). Every e-mail I've gotten concerning new remix projects (such as the new one, Doom II: Delta Q Delta), I have done everything it said to promote it as much as possible. I don't frequent the site too often to download new remixes because I'm a torrent guy and I just wait till a new torrent comes about. I've bought two shirts from the site as well and I where them whenever they're clean (heh heh...). Just explaining my absence (even though no one here even knows who I am, XP). Keep up the good work remixer doods! I always look forward to new stuff. ^_^

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