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  1. I really love it. I love the guitar tone and the softness the songs have. I love the layering and progression the songs go through.

    It'd probably be hard for me to get specific without listening through each song multiple times and/or listen through each track and make individual comments on each... If you want, I can try to do that :P

  2. After hearing this, I've cried at least 3 times. This is horrible news to me. Reu was one of my favorite artists and remixers. Some of his original pieces outshine most of his remixes. And he has made a song for me a long time ago, but I am unable to listen to it (due to the Summoning of Spirits project seeming to be perpetually delayed).

    His songs are incredibly emotional and his skill is probably the best I've heard with the piano and even otherwise.

  3. Sh!t.

    I just found out that Reu died :( ... I am really sad, partly because I haven't heard this last piece of work (My Secret Forest) yet. Before this project started I PMed him asking him to check out a couple of Tales of Phantasia tracks that I've always wanted to hear remixed... and then 6 months later I saw that he was signed up for this project doing one of those tracks. I heard a preview of his song and I've been waiting since to hear the finished version :/

    Kyle, if I could make a small request (you don't have to do it), but if this project isn't released by christmas, would you let me listen to his song?

  4. Heard an audio deformation at 2:57.
    D'oh! I can't believe I missed that. I'd go back and fix it, but I lost my latest build of the song due to a recent HD crash. The backup I have is old compared to how much work I got done on the latest version. Ah well, live and learn.

    I appreciate the constructive criticism a ton! The areas I need to improve in seem to be things I repeat with each new song I create, so I'll be applying what I know now to my next remix.

    Anyways, I'm glad you guys are digging the song. rock on. \m/

    I... dont hear this audio deformation? ... What should I be looking for?

  5. Hi there!

    Two weeks ago all hell broke loose here for me. My notebook overheated and crashed a lot, corrupting the RAM and later the hard drive. I was computer-less for a few weeks, and just came back to see I missed the final deadline for the songs.

    I really don't know what to say now, because I didn't have a chance to do anything about it, since the shop where I bought the RAM for my new keyboard seemed to have cheated me. They didnt respond to my fax, my e-mails, my eBay contact form post, my shop contact form post, and the telephone number does not exist. In addition now I lost my confirmation mails of that transaction because of the notebook crash.

    At least I got a replacement notebok right now and am setting it up again. But: All of my plugs have to be reinstalled, and lots of them are not Universal Binary (Intel compatible) yet, so they won't run on my new MacBook Pro.

    The only thing I could do right now is to re-mix and record the song "as is" with my new keyboard's internal sounds the best way I can do. I hope that would be enough.

    And sorry for all the trouble I might have caused.

    personally, i'd rather you work on it to the point that it comes out how you wanted it than hurry up and half-arse it for the project itself... or at least re-make it afterwards :)

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