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  1. Your voice, sir, is melty. It has made a puddle of me the two times I've listened to the remix so far and it shall continue to do so, I've no doubt, each time I listen to it. I definitely agree with DJP on the note that it would have been awesome to have the mix be a more prominently vocal piece but at the same time...the piano was *beautiful* as well and the solo before your vocals tickled my fancy as well. ****, easy.

  2. lawlz for extremely late reviews. But I had to review this one...I just now sucked up all of Dan's remixes since...that's how I function when I hear one thing I like...and whoof. This one was fantastic. The random cuts and percussion bitch-slaps are among my favorite remixing qualities (when executed well as in this case)...and at 4:35, when that synth orchestra progression comes in, it was very Rob Douganesque and that immediately makes me squeal like a little school girl and hit Rewind a good five times. Highly recommend this one if you like long mixes with a damn good variety of elements.

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