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  1. I like it, you should definitely continue working on it. I have a few thoughts that might be helpful. When the strings come in 8 seconds in, it sounds muddy and I think you would benfit from bringing up the high-end in the EQ. I think you could also add some higher octaves in there.

    I think the hi-hat is too loud compared to the kick and snare. Perhaps layer another couple of snare sounds to get a more powerful hit. Same with the kick I think, needs to be a bit more punchy, or just brought forward in the mix.

    At 0:27 I think the new drums come in too loud. If you're going for a big drop type thing, maybe bring up the volume of the other instruments to match the dominant drums.

    Hope this was helpful. :)

    hey thanks for the help! I'll make some changes to the EQ. you really think I should up the whole tune by a few octaves? or just the strings?

    Definitly agreed about the volume mismatch with the hats vs the kick/snare, I'll bring a couple more snare sounds in, and possibly another kick sound as well, just so you can hear it at least!

    Oh you think the new drums are a little too loud? I'll scale them back a little.

    Thanks for the feedback. Because I have to reupload it etc: I'd like to make a load of big changes at once. so is there anything else from the rest of the song you can recomend? Should I drop everything after 1:35 and continue soley on the FD?

    How about at 0:57? Does the low synth base go well with it?

    At 7:00, is the left/right switch too distracting?

    at 9:35, what do you think of the Fd reprive? Is it too different from the main tune to be included?

  2. Hey there guys. This is another work in progress song.

    What I have done is used a lot of samples, just to see if this works, and if people like it, then I'll remake it from scratch using original riffs etc.

    So in essence, this is like a practice run, just to see what works and what doesn't. When I've got it perfected, then I can remake it from scratch, but I'm going to need some feedback from you guys to tell me what works, and what doesn't, what parts need more variety, what parts need more/less volume, etc etc.

  3. so......anyone have anything to say about these?

    Are they too long? They both ush 8-9 mins which is a little long...

    Are they not varied enough?

    Are they too 'cheap' sounding?

    Do they need to be mastered?

    Is the volume way off?

    Is there a part of the track you don't like?

    ANY criticism/response. Even if it's just to say 'meh its ok.'

    or maybe I should just submit these as they are????

  4. Hey there guys. One thing I love about Drakengard 1 was the awesome music. Every single track really seemed to be so different and expertly composed. So I decided to do a few rough drum n base remixes of two of my favourite tracks, Chapter 11 Ground, and Chapter 12 Sky, Ground and final.

    Chapter 12 (Based on the Sky, Ground and Final tracks)

    Chapter 11 (Ground, + parts of Chapter 10 Ground)

    Let me know what you guys think. They are made using edited samples of the aforementioned tracks. I will stress, on the Chapter 12 track, I tried to emulate the style of the tracks themselves, so if you really hated those three tracks from the OST, you're not going to like the remix. You may want to give the original Sky track from Chapter 12 a listen first: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2AO43vIVeQ&feature=related

    They are a little rough, and probably need to be mastered etc.

    But I think they're ok, and besides I haven't seen a SINGLE Drakengard Remix anywhere, which tries to emulate the styles of the original tracks.

    Let me know if you like, or if you don't like. They are pretty much finished, but if you guys really like them, I will clean them up and REALLY go to work on them. I will also be uploading other game remixes, such as Sonic CD etc.

    One more thing. I know they are a little long pushing 10 minutes each, but I really feel I was able to get quite a lot out of these tracks.

  5. Hey cheers for those pointers malcos!

    Only one problem though. When I add an effect, such as in RV-7 or the Scream 4 device, the effect is applied to the whole track......such as the Dr Rex loops, and some of the smaples in Redrum. How do I isolate effects, so I have one effect applied to just one device? (Such as having the Hall effects applied only to the 2nd Redrum device?)

    Oh and I just got Reason btw. Well actaully I've had it for about 2 months but it's just sat there mainly...unused etc. For those of us without keyboards, what music program would you recommend? I mean Music 2000 and Music Generator 3 are fine and dandy...but Music 2000 won't let you rip from Unknown(copied lol) cds and the memory is WAY too small to use CD samples anyway. And MG 3 has a very limited midi maker. And it would be nice if the CD sample limit was increased from 20 to 30. That'd be just right. Now if only the two were combined........

    Also do you know how to check the tempo of mp3's? And does anyone know of a program that lets you record mp3's/wavs at different tempo speeds?


    Edit: And sometimes when I preview a loop I like, and go to load it up into a track, by clicking on to track like you said, some strange things happen. What the heck does it mean when it says "This track plays on a device other than the one you have selected. To continue click ok." If I go to OK, the entire contents of Redrum mess up! And parts of the song become silent! And the only way to rectify everything is load the song back up! What's going on?

  6. Ok, so I use the Dr. Rex loop player to preview/listen to a drum loop I like, and it sounds ok. However, after I load the loop into the Dr. Rex player and try to play it, it comes out sounding nothing like what it did on the preview! How do I rectify this?

    Also.....when trying to insert a Dr. Rex drum loop into the sequncer window, instead of just insertinf the whol thing, much like redrum does with the fixed tempo loops, it forces me to remake the loo, by giving me all the instruments used in it. I can get round this by playing the drum loop as a preview, saving it with Windows Sound Recorder, and then putting it into Redrum.....but that's the long way round. Do you guys know how to get round this?

    Also, when I do things this way round, there is a big BIG problem. The tempo. Now anyone who's played music generator 3, knows that before you insert a rip from a CD into your song, the game lets you preview it, and adjust the tempo of the rip, while listening to the tempo that your song is currently at. This is represented by 'clicks' which play along at the tempo your song is at, and then it's simply a matter of adjusting the tempo area of the rif in conjunction with your song. This doesn't seem possible with reason.....any way around this?

    Sorry one more quezzie....I cannot figure out how to use NN19, or Malstrom. Sure I can preview the sounds, and then load them into the player, but when I try to place them in the sequencer window, all I get are beeps, the same sort of beep no matter what sound is inserted. I've tried playing around with it, but nothing seems to affect the sound. Can you help on this one as well?

    lol, I really wish the makers of Reason, the makers of Frutiy Loops and the makers of the Music series for playstation would try and see what is missing from their projects that the others include. We really do need an all singing, all dancing music program!


  7. Hey there! I have been making Game remixes since 2001.

    I also became obssessed with the music from Drakengard two years ago. I mean COMPLETELY obsessed. So much in fact, that I went to my old school music teacher Mr. Burke, and asked him to help me take three songs from the game, and convert them into a composition for the school orchestra........Trust me it was a long three months. The reason I did that was because I wanted to change certain parts of the song....and to extend other parts, namely Chapter 6: In the air.......and Chapter 10: on the ground.

    Aprt from that I usually make my own mixes at home.

    However.....These have been all on a program called Music 2000 for the ps1 (yep still using it even today in the age of 2005.) I also started using Music Generator 3, purely because you can rip from cds to your songs.

    I have ALWAYS been interested in video game music. FRom playign Super MArio World and falling in love with the forest of illusion theme (and the vanilla dome one), I've always had a clear interest in vg music. First inspirations include Super Mario bros 3, Super R-type, Mario all stars, Sim city snes, and the legend of Zelda link to a past.

    I've also been following this community since 2002. Love that Street Fighter 3 Mcaffee theme! And...so many others. I've seen so many other music sites come and go, such as vgmix.com, and that midi game music website....in fact that was my first ever music site that i went to regularly. Good to see you haven't kicked the bucket and are still alive and kicking! (Personally I liked it when it was more blue around here, but hey.)

    Yeah so I@m just saying hi to the ocremix community. Hopefully I@ll be able to upload some songs in the future. I would have uploaded my Drakengard orchestra remixes....but they use real insntruments....and I@m not sure if they're allowed. So I guess I'll have to start trimming my music 2000 and music generator songs fit for public use!

    Once again.....thanks everybody! For contributing to video game music and helping it stay alive!

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