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  1. Being in Disciples of the Mix (and its descendants, Do A Barrel Roll and Savage Seduction) was by far some of the best times of gaming I've ever had. Hands down. As Equinox stated, I met people through that guild that I still talk to today, and, as nerdy as this sounds, without that experience I'd lead a much lonelier online life.

    Guild Wars was, and still is in a lot of ways, a fantastic game. I've logged well over 3000 hours since its inception, and I don't regret a moment of it--though I will attribute a vast amount of that enjoyment to the people I played with. Equinox, Origami, Dead Hex, D-Lux, Azul, Brycepops, irriadin, T-Stock, and a whole shitload of other people who are an absolute blast to play with--whether having Origami yell at us for sucking in the middle of a GvG, going out and traipsing across the Southern Shiverpeaks as a guild to cap Feast of Corruption, hanging out on Ventrilo calling each other fags and just generally shooting the shit, or the eventual addition of the IRC channel #roll--all of these I look upon quite fondly.

    Granted, if you're playing solely by yourself, it's not going to be as fun--that's just how multiplayer games are. And by this time, the 'OCR guild' itself is long dead, of course. But GW2 is on the horizon, and I know I'll be diving in headfirst--perhaps at that point, we can rouse up interest here once again.

  2. I agree, titles that don't give you any bonus are a waste of time.

    However, I did like the unlucky title track, I just wish it would give some sort of bonus like the lucky one does.

    Titles are pretty much the only reason I still play--good thing, too, as they're incredibly time-consuming, so I still have a lot to do. 29/33 for Canthan Vanquisher, and Elona is next.

  3. I believe that last is the philosophy behind a lot of the aforementioned WW games like Vampire: The Masquerade. They make you roll for a variety of things out of necessity, but the basic rule is if the DM thinks your character can do it, there's no need to roll; you just do it. This way you don't get sucked out of the game to add up dice rolls every 10 seconds.

    What's interesting to me is that when you look at D&D a little bit, it's a lot clearer how VG RPGs came together- essentially doing the exact same things, just in the background.

    My brother tried to get me to play with him using that argument--"we roll less and not too often!"--but as far as I'm concerned, if you're rolling dice, using stats, numbers, all of that, you're not really roleplaying, you're just...playing a game.

  4. "I bend down and look through the keyhole."

    "Okay, you get a splinter in your eye because there is no fucking keyhole."

    D&D with my brother and his friends was awesome; though I abhor the game now. Roleplaying with numbers is boring.

  5. If anyone is looking for some solid Diablo II mods, this site is the place to look. I'm currently playing Brother Laz's Median 2008. Fun stuff.

    Dammit, I came in this thread specifically to post Median. It's like a whole new game (despite the Amazon's Barrage being retardedly overpowered).

  6. Don't pm Prosperous Vanity, all she does is heal party spam! Azul Panther the best.

    Heal Party is old news, now it's all about Light of goddamn Deliverance.


    Ignore the shitty rest of the bar, I was dual farming.

    lol rebirth!


    Also Prophet you should wait until you get to Temple of Ages to try Villainy of Galrath. Much closer to your destination; if I'm on when you are, I'll give you a hand.

  7. Don't pm Prosperous Vanity, all she does is heal party spam! Azul Panther the best.

    Heal Party is old news, now it's all about Light of goddamn Deliverance.


    Ignore the shitty rest of the bar, I was dual farming.


    99% sure I play more than anyone else here at OCR, whatever that's worth. 2400 hours over the past 18 months, all three campaigns, et cetera.

    There is no OCR guild at current. The last one, Savage Seduction, died from inactivity and the only active people went off to other guilds.

    So Nightfall just came out a month ago, and I'm still mired in that. Domain of Anguish, specifically, was released yesterday and it is, by far, the hardest gaming experience I've ever seen in anything ever.

    My IGN is Prosperous Vanity, feel free to add me to your nifty little N list and I will probably help you out with whatever you're doing!

  9. By the way, I love the ironic blending of these two games. WoW - the juggernaught, breakthrough MMO - combined with Guild Wars, the much-halooed 'boy who would be king' sequel-in-playstyle to Diablo II, that WoW's detractors claimed would sink Blizzard's product in a matter of weeks.

    I don't know if you've actually played GW but okay.

    Song is pretty awesome though. Wingless made a good guildmate, even though he always referred to me as "my lady".

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