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  1. Win!

    Awesome mic! Yes I did laugh. :-)

    Btw I failed to compliment the lyrics, which I imagine is the focus. Are you trying to make a counterpart to "We Are the Champions"? I'd use it :-) .


    "police tells us to stop" should be "police tell us to stop" since police is plural.


    HAhahaha where did these lyrics come from xD They're ridic!

  2. Love the syncopated, pulsing stutters in the choir track along with the exhaling sounds. At 1:34 the plucked instrument impressed me for some odd reason; kinda reminded me of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly which is a huge plus. I second those folks who call this one of your best mixes. Though I'd hate to go and choose a "favorite", the energy in this piece along with the adeptness of the orchestration blow me away.

  3. At 3:54 the e. piano solo was really fun, and the ensuing fade out worked very nicely. Also, the xylophone-esque instrument worked nicely in the cliche Dadada-da-da-da-da westernized Chinese phrase (It actually surprised me to hear it super-imposed on the Blues/Motown format of the rest of the song). Honestly the song works well, but beyond the "Chinese" phrase it wasn't spectacular.

    P.S. Usually I don't like ambient sounds throughout a song, but that jungle track brought things together nicely.

  4. WIP, just cuts off where I'm at, not actually at the end of the song. (The bass line at the end was just added for fun in the this version to give it some closure, even though it kind of fits :P )

    I'm not really sure where I want to go with this mix so far, so I could use some recommendations on that. I'd like to return to the style found at the beginning of the mix. Anyway, take a listen and see what you think :).

    Remix title: Escape Velocity


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