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  1. I can't really say anything that hasn't been said, but I still feel I should give my compliments where they're so utterly due.

    Quality aside (pft, you should hear some of my miserable recordings~) this piece is brilliantly arranged; the whole thing is practically rewritten. You've found the perfect balance for an arrangement, as it is familiar enough that I recognize it -knowing- the piece from which is is derived, but at the same time so innovative that if I wasn't told it was from Castlevania, I might just think it was an entirely new piece.

    It may be lost on a lot of listeners, but thus far, this could well be the most intelligent remix I've listened to.

    (Also: If anyone knows of any sheet music, kindly point me in the general direction~)


  2. Quote:

    Originally Posted by #ocremix

    >i can so picture Snake and Raiden Salsa' dancing to this, lol

    >well, raiden at least

    >like a fag :P

    Yeah? I actually have a MUCH easier time picturing Snake doing the dancing. He's got a much better sense of humor than Raiden, he just hides it well~

    Anyway, as for this remix, I think it's hilarious. That's all I really have to say about it.

    If it were ever recorded with live instruments, I think it could be epic.

  3. Oh my... How did I ever miss this one? Why did you people NOT inform me of this one, knowing how hilarious I always thought Gato was!

    Well if you're like me, and you've been living under a rock all this time, download this, right now. (A warning; if you've NOT played Chrono Trigger, you probably will not find this very funny at all.)

    I absolutely love the arbitrary insanity. The only thing I might change, would be to make it more... hmm... Spontanious. It kind of lulls for a while each time it changes style.

    Imagine tuning a radio, spinning the dial, and on EVERY station that came in, there would be some weird-ass Gato-related song. You would pause for a moment to listen, then switch instantaneously. This would be more "in-your-face", and would bombard the listener with more hilarity than they could handle, rather than giving them a moment to recover each time.


  4. Alright, I'll say what a lot of people seem to have been saying. I'm sorry, I don't particularly like it.

    HOWEVER- Many people are neglecting to give credit where it is due. I do think this is well done. Nicely put together. It's just that anyone who is familiar with the game, and the piece, already has such a firm remembrance of a quiet, peaceful village, that it makes this difficult to accept.

  5. I had to create an account just now, specifically for the purpose of addressing this remix. I believe I can do so with but two words; bloody hysterical!

    Like most of you, I was a little thrown by the title. Naturally I expected Kefka ~ Painted like a clown ~ Clowns = Circus ~ "Circus Carnival". Typical.

    The results proved to be considerably more amusing than anticipated.

    Kefka himself has always been comic relief for me. It's nigh impossible to take him seriously, and it becomes evident (particularly due to the fact that this is not NoppZ's ONLY Kefka title-) that the remixer agrees.

    Noppz has an excellent sense of humor in his remix, and it rarely fails to crack me up.

    I've noticed comments pertaining to it's repetition. It IS, to a degree, but no more so than it needs to be. I feel that not only does it work in this case, but it's absolutely necessary. (Consider how repetative many 'techno remixes' tend to be.)

    Hold onto the humor, NoppZ.


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