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  1. Why has no one asked for Ibuki's return yet? She made it into Gem Fighters/Puzzle Fighter, one of them, if not both. A pity she got nerfed so hard in 3S. I mean, I know she was powerful, but she got hit HARD but the fix stick.

    Personally, I hope they go the high res 2D art route. Third Strike still looks beautiful, Chun Li still looks fappable, but the low resolution really hurts on a big clear screen.

    If it's a 3d fighter, like they tried to do with All Stars, well, that would just be...not right. I don't know how they're going to top 3 on a technical fighting level, and it is being developed by Capcom USA, and not Capcom Japan, which is a bit of a worry...

  2. I'm looking for some sound effects from video games, specifically Mario and Zelda sound effects. You know, power up, power down, Mario dying, Zelda's "puzzle solved" effect, Link dying in Zelda 1, that sort of thing.

    Are there any websites you guys know of? I tried googling but got nowhere and I don't know how to rip them from an emulator.

    Any help appreciated.

  3. I also vote for the 2D goodness of Super Smash Bros DS.

    Also, after digging through my old games yesterday, I found gold. Zelda II looked up at me like a lost puppy.

    A beautiful, yet ignored puppy.

    Why hasn't Nintendo seen fit to, if not release a direct sequel in the Zelda Universe, at least create a pin off property with a new IP with the same gameplay style is beyond me.

    Also, more 2D Metroid please. Hunters was...disappointing.

    Gunstar Super Heroes $10 (AWESOME!!!)

    Isn't it though? I love it.

  4. Rub it in whydoncha? I can't even get a single TGFX game because I'm in Australia and they're not released for VC down here.

    I'm writing a big rant about it as we speak.

    I want R-Type and Super Star Soldier DAMNIT!!

    Looks like I've still got reason for emulation. GG Nintendo.

  5. The Sacred Grove puzzle annoyed me, but I didn't look anything up for Zelda until after I finished it and I was looking for secret stuff I missed.

    I just worked the puzzle out backwards and figured out where they needed to be to in order to win.

    Those ice block puzzles were awesome though. I loved the set of three in the hidden cave.

  6. Anyway, another reaction:

    OMG! Where are all the freaking Gerudo?!
    Telma is the only one I noticed. She seemed like a cross between Gerudo and Impa to me, but the red hair was a dead give away. I'm guessing there was a tad of Hylian-flavoured genocide after Ganondorf's shenanigans. Either that or they left Hyrule or were integrated into society.
  7. Quick question for Wii users.

    Can I use a GC action replay to play a GC import ?

    The GC Freeloader disc and the Action Replay both work.

    Also, threadbreak lol.

    Partially. Freeloader 1.06B doesn't work on the Wii.

    And of course the only one I have is the FreeLoader 1.06B. Bugger.

    I guess I'll have to wait for someone to release a similar device for Wii that hopefully includes GameCube support.

    And of course Nintendo doesn't release an update to stop it from working. Knowing PAL and Nintendo though, they're going to take every measure to screw importers over.

    This wouldn't be happening if Lik Sang were still here! I would have an NTSC Wii already and not need importing stuff. </rant>

  8. Dunno about you guys, but I was able to copy my game to the sd card >___>.

    Instead of going to data, go to channel and copy the channel to your sd card. I tested it, deleted the rom off of my wii, copied it back on, and it had everything the same.

    Yeah... you can do that, I'm pretty sure it's a "feature". Because there is a limited space for the channels they let you do that. Also, people thought they "cracked the VC", but it turns out each game was encoded with stuff that is specific to each wii. I thought this was old news?

    Yeah, that's normal, as far as I remember. Although, once your Wii logs onto the Shopping Channel and sees a game on there that isn't supposed to be, according to Nintendo's database, you might be in a bit of trouble.

    Still, you could always buy another Wii. One for keeping offline with all the emulated goodies. You won't be able to play new games on it either, since new games will come packed with the latest updates for non-online console owners.

  9. I can't get my Opera Browser freak on. Wii Shop Channel seems to be playing up. It's past midday on the 22nd for me, so it should be up, right?

    Then again, I'm having major DNS issues here down under. Half the sites I just tried to visit are failing to load. That could have something to do with it.

    That or the overwhelming demand for operatic wii.

  10. Telma was cool. Also buxom. And redheaded. The previous Gerudo were all so skinny.

    And Link actually had an honest to goodness love interest this time around, which was interesting. I mean, it's never overt, but it was more overt this time than it was with Malon. Except for maybe Marin on Koholint, but she was a dream anyway.

    A wet dream.

  11. I'd rather good art direction that realism any day. The Uncanny Valley is cool if you're passing through but I wouldn't want to live there.

    I mainly read Kotaku for gaming news, which often links from Joystiq. It's basically a site that gets important and off the wall news all in one place, reducing travel time for me. Plus it tickles my funny bone.

    Has there been any news on Phantom Hourglass? I miss Celda.

  12. I think one of the things that makes TP so damn easy, everywhere except the Cave of Ordeals, is that.. well, at every boss and miniboss, there's stuff to break and recover your health. Even the very last battle has it. You're never really left at a moment where you feel "OMG! One more hit and I'm dead!" unless it's during a regular fight, which tames things down.

    I think, outside of the Cave of Ordeals, I used.. maybe 2 fairies. And neither was during a boss fight.

    Most recent Zelda games have pots available in boss rooms to heal yourself, although I did feel that putting a fairy in one of the pots in the final boss fight was a bit excessive. I think the main difference here is how the most devastating attack in the game only takes 1 heart away, whereas older games could take away as many as 4 with one attack.

    Definately. I miss the days of ALTTP when, with the red tunic on, a good boss fight could still drop you a couple of hearts with a single attack.

    Every Zelda game should come with a second quest as standard, including remixed dungeons and harder difficulty (more hearts lost per battle, less damage dealt by the player, items cost more to buy and are hidden in random caves), etc.

    Remixed dungeons aren't all that difficult to put together, since the rooms are usualy self contained. There are also plenty of puzzles that are weeded out during the play test and design periods, so it's not like they have to start from scratch.

    I'd rather six dungeons, with a second quest, as opposed to nine easy ones. But that's just me.

  13. I loved the fact that the story was told through body language rather than voice acting. The sounds each character make allow you to flesh out their personality yourself. I like that, but then, I have an active imagination. Some people want their story and their dialogue spoon fed to them. Zelda has always been about telling the story not through cut scenes, but letting it play out the the back ground, allowing you to oncover it as you move around, similar to Half Life.

    The fact they both feature a silent protagnist also reinforces this.

  14. I have to agree, Golden Sun needs more love. It got overlooked for being a handheld RPG, but if it were released on console in flashy 3D we all know it would have been ta major hit.

    I just hope the rumours of Camelot getting around to another version/sequel/"remix version for a home" console a true.

  15. Just out of curiosity, is anyone keeping score of who is buying a PS3 at launch, planning to buy one at shortly and who doesn't intend to buy one?

    I'm interested in seeing numbers.

  16. Richard III on Gorilla Mode of Donkey Konga. I just couldn't get the gold. I did in the end, my vision swimming form the moving icons and scrolling backgrounds, nearly passed out from fatigue. Of course, the time I had spent trying to get it didn't help, only adding to my inability to miss the beat.

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