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  1. Unshaven landscaper? Well, yeah. That's what people imagine a hero to look like. Blame the movies.

    But that sterotype is just about as normal as the following:

    Feminine blonde hair dude <---Blame anime and FFVII for this one

    Loud, squeaky underaged girl as comic relief, but still manages to be a sex symbol <-----Again blame anime and FFVII

    Tall, black considerate dude <-------Common

    Quiet, emo kid uncaring of his surroundings until events force his hand <-----I'll go with... Movies and common gamer audience.

    Aged man pulled from inactivity <-------Movies

    ...and there are more I'm forgetting. Any takers?

  2. Voted. I think Track 3 is the clear winner, but we'll see what happens.

    What the hell... Seriously, vote for the best one, not because of celebrity status. I am glad that pixietricks enacted the rules as she did, but now I am questioning if it mattered.

    I know you probably honestly think #3 is the best, but here's the deadfalls.

    :37-:45, 1:01-1:18 was basically sultry speech. Good attempt, but even then it seemed rushed with empahsis on the quality of voice and not on the layout of the lyrics. The actual singing that starts :45-1:59, with the exception of the repeat of the line at 1:01-1:18 consisted of two lines.

    This is kind of what I was hinting at earlier. Do not empahsize the quality of voice (which is what I assumed you were basing your 'clear' winner on) at the cost of the quality of the song.

    #9 would be a good example of the same kind of thing that #3 was trying to accomplishes most things better, with the possibilty of voice quality (and at that, its only in the slightest).

    As I said before, vote for the best one, not because of a possible author's celebrity status or his/her previous works.

    Zyko: We're in agreement. :o

  3. Grade A stuff, even on this site.

    Even though it might lack direction as noted by other posters, it is still probably in the top 10 of this entire site. This is one of the select few that I can actually grade professional... I would expect to hear this in an actual commercial or on the back-burner of a dark, mysterious scene in a movie. This is clearly the best 'in the background' track on this site.

    Orch, this is clearly another strong submission and the way it was put together screams volumes, even if the track itself doesn't.

    Ms. Goldin, although you weren't the front and center in this particular remix, I believe this is your best. Your vocal range is astounding, and for this reason, I believe your voice completely dominates other tracks. While this isn't a bad thing if you are trying to showcase your talents, it sometimes detracts from the song itself. Here you were put into a supporting role to the piano and electric and complemented it perfectly. Hitting the uppers really contributed a massive amount of meaning (read:emotion) to the track that might have been lacking in your absence. For this reason, every single artist was clearly highlighted without any single artist taking away. By putting a measure of restraint in the amount of use of vocals, this song really came into its own.

    All too often you see tracks trying to pass itself by flooding the sheer talent as opposed to the original, well thought out processes of music. Congrats to all three of you. This is a the exmplar of a perfect collab.

  4. Bumpty bump - no takers on this question? I'll give one hint - show that the finite sum from n = 0 to N of 1/n! < e < 1/(n * N!) + the finite sum from n = 0 to N of 1/n!

    From there the nifty fun occurs. :)

    Did you type that out right? Because I'm not sure what 1/(n * N!) means, since you're using n as the place holder for the summation expressions... unless I'm just being dumb.

    Oh yeah, the 1/(n * N!) should be part of the summation, so think of it as a summation of 1/n! + 1/(n * N!)

    If n = 0

    1/(n * N!) = Invalid

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