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  1. http://geekson.com/

    It a good site with geek news and most episode are over an hour long


    This site has a podcast about various geek stuff too


    This has the sonic boom podcast.


    the vintage gamer talks about older games and more obscure ones too.


    This site has the podcast called the side scrollers, it also has a lot of other content such as shows; captain s, gamejew, angry video game nerd.

  2. Not necessarily. You're still taking a copyrighted work and using it for your own purpose and then giving it away, which infringes on that copyright. A parody is Space Balls to Star Wars. They didn't actually use any of the Star Wars names, any of the same ships, actual Lightsabers - anything from the actual movie. That's a parody. What Weird Al does isn't a parody - he actually has to license the masters from the publishers and the record companies and then puts his own spin on it.

    Not really


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