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  1. Hey All,

    I wish I found out about this a long time ago. This is an awesome site project and every mix impresses me to a great extent. So Long and Thenks for All the... was a beautiful rendition of the ending and just like when I listen to the one from the game it makes me sad, this one does to, but that adds to the whole experience of the mix.

    Both of Kanijikas remixes are awesome, I have to ask were they recorded with a real orchestra, because if they weren't I was convinced.

    SnappleMan, your stuff is good, eventhough I don't really like metal music I still like it.

    Anyone who has not downloaded this needs to as its awesome and you just can't get enough of it.

    Thanks All


  2. Hello Everyone,

    Well I am new here, my nick name is Jacko, my actuall name is Scott.

    To start off, I have been visiting OCR on and off for 12 months downloading a few songs here and there, I have only just gotten into VGDJ which is really good and I think my time has come for me to take a plunge at submitting a re-mix.

    I also am a budding musician, I study Jazz Sazophone Performance at Adelaide University.

    Sooo theres my two cents worth

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