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  1. Game: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

    System: XBOX

    Song: The Sith

    Composer: Jeremy Soule

    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWUaf6Z7tDo (after the, uh... excessive... intro)

    Zophar's Domain: Track 47 and Track 15 http://roms.zophar.net/mp3/star-wars-knights-of-the-old-republic-pc-soundtrack

    MIDI: none...

    The Youtube clip has the march version of the song, while Zophar's Domain has the dramatic the-Sith-win-everything-and-now-the-universe-doomed ending version (Track 47), and the mysterious, melancholy version (Track 15) of the song. I think a menacing metal version would be awesome, but I'm just curious to see what people will do with it. Nobody has remixed Star Wars games, despite the abundance of non-movie songs that are in them...

  2. I was shocked when I logged on OCReMix today and found that Reuben Kee is no longer with us. He was an amazing musician. My prayers go out to you... his family and friends.

    Although I never met him, thinking back I realized the influence that his music has had on me. The first song of his I ever listened to was "Legend of the Snake 2: Snake versus Dragon." This was my first introduction to the Metal Gear Solid series, a series that continues to be an inspiration to me as a freshman cadet at the United States Military Academy.

    I hope that instances like this, however small they may seem, of Reuben's wide-reaching impact will comfort you during this difficult time.

  3. I was playing Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike the other day and I was reminded of how cool its "Main Theme" is. The theme has basically been the same since the first Rogue Squadron for Nintendo 64... and it's a catchy tune reminiscent of aerial (or, in this case, interstellar) aces.

    Also, it's an opportunity to remix Star Wars... without necessarily remixing Star Wars, 'cause it is a made-for-game tune from a series of games that most often uses John William's work from the movies.

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic had some great tunes by Jeremy Soule. A menacing, heavy-metal medley of "The Sith" and "Final Confrontation" would be sweet.

    Those are the tunes that really stuck out in my mind... but I am sure that there are others beside me that have ReMix ideas from Star Wars games (such as Republic Commando or Empire at War). Just remember when posting your ideas that, according to the Submission Standards and Instructions, "popular movie themes (i.e. Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc.) or commercial songs that happened to be used in game soundtracks are not valid ReMix material. The music has to have been composed for the game, not simply used within it."


    (First Post! :D OCReMix rocks!)

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