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  1. So over at the RelicNews forums, we've been pulling together a soundtrack.

    I've finally got it to the release stage, but I wasn't able to get it torrented yet. Here's my post there:

    So we have been unable to get the torrent up. I apologize for the delay and complications. Here is the info for download:

    Okay, so I had to split the ZIP into two parts as it was bigger than 100meg singlely.

    Here's the links for both:

    Disk 1 and the extras, and Disk 2.

    Also, I asked Nutritious if we could include his two remixes in the final package, and the links are here:

    Deep Space (from the Bridge of Sighs), and The Fallen (from the Gardens and Cathedral of Kadesh).



    Hopefully we can get more mixes for this. Nutri has already done great work, which I have seen in the WIP boards here.



  2. One thing I haven't seen much of is Myst...or Riven, or Exile, or Uru, or Revelations, or End of Ages either.

    Has anyone submitted work that were rejected, or has no-one tried?

    Well, I would love to hear mixes from these games


  3. I see mixes for almost everything, but not Homeworld...This may be because [iMO] the original BGM is already spectacular, how would we make it better.

    Some of you that watch the Relic Community forums may know me as Kapyrna there too. I'm putting together a compilation of all three games' OSTs, and to release an OCProject album in conjunction would be awesome, and a true tribute to the music.

    I'm even willing to help as much as I can without any mixing involved...maybe artwork?



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