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  1. Freakin awesome! I love 80's and I love ice cap music, so this is a perfect combo for me.

    Other than tweaking and one small suggestion, I'd say this bad boy is ready. Most 80's songs end with a fade to silence...and that's all you're really missing.

    I have been working on a very similar type of remix of some Gauntlet Legends music (have not posted on WIP boards, I'm not near as far along as you are) So please don't be offended, because, well...80's is 80's...and it all sounds the same....

  2. I have posted a remix of the "Castle Courtyard" level music from Gauntlet Legends/Dark Legacy at


    I am a new remixer just looking for some tips. Right now, all I think is missing are piano dynamics.

    This remix was done in the musical style of Yanni. The mix was originally titled "Castle Yanni" but has been changed to "Yanni in the Courtyard." As if that title is any better.

    Any advice will be appreciated!!

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