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  1. It's good. This music brings back some good memories of FF7. I'm not sure if it's me, but the beats seemed a little too loud especially for the first beat in every set. My speakers seemed to vibrate frantically. There was more emphasis on the beat than there was on the melody. Frankly, I don't think there would be anyway to change around the melody of this song and pass it off. I could be wrong though. This just my own opinion. Good work Ceracryst. I expect to see more :D

  2. Holy Crap!! OMG! Simons quest was one of my favorite game on the Nes. I wasn't sure what song this remix was on, but when I head the first four notes I knew that it was the original in game music!! AHH I'm freaking out becuase this mix is so perfect. You've taken such a risk Digimatic and you've made something so complex into an instant classic.. or is it the other way around. Bah! I don't care! Ba da da dum! Thank God someone made a remix on this song. I think now it's safe for me to say that I can die happy. :D Sorry djpretzel, I said I can die happy with your donkey kong remix, but this song just kicks some serious ass!! Keep up the excellent work Digimatic!

  3. This is a funk and funky remix. I like it. It sounds funny and it kinda reminds me of a japanese bizzaro song that has fast beats and wierd incoherent voices. You can even picture bomberman doing insane stuff in your head if you listen to the song. This song is like an acid trip.. without the acid... I've never taken acid, but I just using it to describe this remix. GOOD JOB!!

  4. I have to agree with the first post. The bongos at the beginning did seem unlikeable. It did drag on for too long. The transitions between the different instuments in the beginning seemed to not connect. It seemed a little jaunty. But then during the song, especially near the middle of the song it sounded good from then on. It's hard to explain you just have to listen to understand. I played Skies of Arcadia about three time and I have to say that this is a fair attempt of a SOA remix. I do hope the DJ will make another one.

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