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  1. I loved that series, one of my favorite space shooters, next to Raiden, and it had some awesome music my personal favorites are the last stage, the really fast blue stage (I forget what it's called), and the space theme, maybe the volcano too. If I had the software, I'd do it myself, but my "budget" is practically non-existent. Whoever is interested, I suggest you act fast, I love that game, and if you haven't played it, PLAY IT!!

  2. The Koopa Troopa Beach track had a real jazzy feel to it, I really like it too. Now that I think about, Koopa was the only character that didn't carry on to the 64 version of the game, not that I'm baggin' on Wario or anything. I wish more people would respond to this thread. Anyway...

    Surely There's more interest in this project, there's only two remixes, both are the same tune, and the other Mario Kart games have the same track remixed along with "Frappe Snowland". We need more out of that game, pure and simple.

  3. Battle Arena Toshinden, probably one of THE first 3D fighting games ever (Killer Instinct doesn't count). But I personally thought it had some awesome music, especially Eiji's theme. If anyone know's of any already existing remixes, or the soundtrack for that matter, please let me know. Stay Super and...

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