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  1. I talking about Resident Evil 4. It was a great game, It had a very "tetris" like feel to it. Sure the controls were kinda awkward, but they were second nature once you learned them. The main thing was though, that they were simple, but this by no means made this an easy game, camera placement and smart ( not to mention tough ) AI were really your main threat, but the frantic pace of the game made the whole thing worthwhile. That is why it is currently my favorite shooter of all time.

  2. Great song, I've heard some really amazing renditions of other great songs ( More than enough from One-Winged Angel, believe me ) and yet I've never heard an independently remixed song to be so true to not just the song, but the series from which it came. I can clearly Imagine some parts of the song in ALttP,OoT, and TP (the new one, Twilight Princess) Especially TP, because the song in general has always been dark, and TP really compliments it, I think. Anyway, good job man.

  3. As a californian, who is much closer to japan than most americans, this game ROCKS THE HOUSE!!! I just beat it this morning and, i'm not exaggerating this, but this game is the longest Zelda game in the whole series. At my last save of the game it was like at 35:06-36:06 or something like that. Defenitely the must own game for the nintendo WII

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