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  1. I do have one addition to the previous post, now that a little time has past... my only complaint is that it is too short! Perhaps that's why some of the people think the mix is boring - because there is a lot of what could be considered intro and comparatively there isn't much of a body to the song. As I see it, the body of the song is at 2:20 and ends slightly before 3:10. I remember someone saying that this would be great as a Metriod live-action version of a battle scene or something, and it really works well in this light. If it were to be a standalone track, that portion from 2:20 to 3:10 should be expounded upon. My original opinion still stands, though. I want more stuff like this! :) Ja ne!

  2. Really, I didn't quite know what to think at first. At the time, I downloaded a OCReMix of Saria's song, and after listening to it, unfortunately I was a little sound-blown. Like my mind was put into a blender, the organ noise in it was way way too much! So I thought that this was pretty poopy, too much noise. The next day I played it again because I wanted to weed out the songs I didn't quite like, and couldn't get rid of this one. Too cool! I love the sample from The Little Prince right in the beginning, "What about our sheep!" That's funny as hell! And the scream at :40.

    :D Samiril

  3. I don't know how to spell it correctly, but the little vocal thing in this mix is from an anime called Rurouni Kenshin. I was listening to this song right after I watched some of the Kenshin episodes. One of the characters named Saito is talking about how people will always be the same. He says that he lives for his philosophy Aku, Soku, Zan (swift, sin, slay). And I forget what he says right before this, but he then says "Anakoro, soshte imao" (again, I don't really know how to spell it) translates as, "Not then, and not now."

    :D Samiril

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