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  1. I was thinking on this subject, remembering my several attempts to beat that game, and here's my conclusion:

    Ninja Gaiden is a difficult game, but its challenge is not adding. As I've written somewhere else in this forum, it's greatest challenge is to jump some holes without being hit by a craven - or a bat, or an eagle, or a missile, or a knife, or...

    One can name a dozen NES games just as difficult as it (Battletoads, Castlevania, Bart vs. the Space Mutants, MegaMan 3) which are much more rewarding.

    To my taste, if you remove the movie sequences, the music and the fact the main character is a ninja (we all love ninjas!), the game itself - i.e., the challenges, the stages, the bosses - is not a big deal.

    Even the movie sequences, which were astonishing for their time, just reveal a silly and unappealing story. And even keeping in mind the NES limited graphic devices, one can just laugh at those enemies - specially the box fighter and the guy with a purple baseball bat!

    That's my 2 cents.


  2. You may be right about the key changes of classical music, but what does that have to do with the Ninja Gaiden remix? It's orchestral, not classical--right? I thought classical music was specifically FROM the Romantic Era, not music LIKE that in the Romantic Era. Am I wrong?

    What Legion303 said is: "classical music has a lot of 'weird' (i.e., unexpected) key changes, so we shouldn't blame Russell for that".

    Of course I know some Classical music. Of course I know they could change from a key to a very distant one - and "the romantics" did not discover this at all; listen to any Scarlatti sonata and you will know what I'm talking about (assuming you don't know Scarlatti, which would be such a pitty - he's lovely!).

    But this doesn't mean at all I have to admit any key change the remixer/arranger tries out. I personally didn't like some key changes in that track - although I shurely enjoyed the remix as a whole.


  3. I didn't love those key changes, but I don't think they aren't that bad either. If there is something to be improved, it is the transition from one idea to the other - the links between two sections.

    Anyway, I think everybody will agree that the orchestration is astonishing. It sounds like a real movie soundtrack (I actually remembered "Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves" and "The Last of Mohicans" when listening to this track for the first time).

    As many excelent tracks in OverClocked (the recent "Super Mario Bros. 3 aquacadence OC ReMix" comes imediatly to mind), it is not a true remix - it's an arrangement. I don't mean it should be removed - I would KILL anybody who dared to suggest it!

    So, as I have said above, it is impressive and very well-done, but the links are a bit weak. But I'm sure I'm going to listen to it many and many times!


  4. C'mon guys! You can always skip the intro by scrolling the control bar in Winamp! Or even edit the MP3.

    The most important is that this remix is awesome! It puts most other remixes under the table. I always loved MM3 songs, and these guys took one of the least inspired tunes of the game and made such a lovely piece of music.

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