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  1. Well I was sure before, but... I opened up the files (308-314, so the last half of the disc 3 ones) in Audition and they all opened as 44100hz. So I'm not sure if Foobar2000 was reporting correctly or not... I'm assuming not...

    However, it did say mpg1 (which I assume it means mpeg layer I), rather than 3 like all the rest. Maybe that's the problem? Perhaps the program that converted to .mp3 used the wrong layer?

    But yes, sorry about that, I think I was wrong about the 32000hz. I should've double-checked with another program before posting, how embarassing. :oops:

  2. Hadyn or anyone else, I have loaded (but not played, as it ends up halting) the songs in Foobar2000 and I can still get properties in them. It says the encoding is MP1 instead of MP3, so I guess that's the problem. The sample rate is 32000hz as well, which is a shame!

    I'd love a .flac release (though I'm sure it won't happen, since it hasn't already), but at least couldn't it be possible to update those files (seems to be disc 3 track 8+, but I'm sure you know that!) and post in this thread? I can't help being a bit of an obsessive person, having 32000 files (even if I upped them to 44100hz) disturbs me. :D

    Great work guys! Some of them I honestly don't like, I'm not fond of piano remixes unless the original was pretty much just that, but some of the heavy tracks and electronic ones... They are exactly what I'd want from them. Brilliant. Thanks!

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