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  1. Thank you forever and ever, Disco Dan. You're Jesus.

    *crosses Tal Tal Heights off of wish list*

    I've been contemplating remixing this song for the longest time, but I had no idea what I was going to do to make it different. You've succeeded. That fiddle is incredible, if a bit dominating and piercing at times.

    Two things: I would have liked there to be a good bassline. Slap bass, preferably. And the ending does seem to drag on a bit. But beyond that, you get 4.9 out of 5 Nice Work Guys!

    :nicework: :nicework: :nicework: :nicework: nwgush.gif

    last man standing, shut the fuck up. If any song was asking for a trance beat, it was Tal Tal. Go sit in a corner, blow your eardrums on Strauss and stop your bitching. Constructive criticism only.

  2. Excellent medley. The variety here is excellent. The electronica opening is cool (especially since the pilot's voice isn't Fox's voice from StarFox Adventures... gad, that voice got on my nerves).

    The part after 1:15 sounds like Mannheim Steamroller, if you're familiar with them. And the electronic arpeggios at the beginning sound like Creatures of Levania from their Fresh Aire V album.

    I'm stunned by your versatility, Wingless. This isn't at all like your other mixes, the ambient piano sorta ones. Your style was quite evident at places like 4:39 with those thick chords.

    You = awesome. Submit more.

  3. I love DarkeSword's style. I like just about everything he's done, this being no exception. I especially like the middle sequence beginning at 1:58, probably because it has the distinctive DS style. The synth-stringish lead at 0:37 sounded a little thick and kind of messy the first time through, but it's feeling better each time I replay it. The introductory percussion break pattern at 3:21 is cool. This song may replace Yatta as the song that makes me smile every time I listen to it. You = Winnar.

  4. Ooh! I like the main melody - from the other reviews, I'm guessing it's Vivi's theme. Reminds me of Conquest of Paradise: 1492 by Vangelis. Harmonic minor = mad propz. ;)

    Noisy industrial, but lots of interesting, complex effects. I love the bass at 0:16 and would have liked to see more of it. A lot of effort was obviously put into it. Not quite my cup of tea - I prefer more anthemic pieces - but the melodic parts were the shizz. :nicework:

  5. Note to self: Cyryl the Wolf = dumbass.

    I thought the music was well done, and while I dislike rap, this is an excellent example of the genre. Most rap I can't stand to listen to for more than thirty seconds. This, on the other hand, is pretty good.

    I don't think I really like it, but I can respect what you can do with it. Eminem and what have you isn't anywhere near this quality - but then, he seems to be more interested in being a thug.

    'Course, most of these remixes greatly surpass mainstream media. But I'm sure you all realized that already.

  6. I will make it clear. I am not a fan of Ben Cousins's stuff.

    However... I will say that this is his best remix on the site. The others I found repetitive and somewhat... irritating. Sorry. This one is starting to grow on me a little. I think the problem is a genre gap; I don't like hip-hop. I've never heard Portishead, so I can't make any connection there.

    The part at 2:00 is my favorite - seemed to me to be a pretty powerful hit, and I like those. I would have liked the percussion to do something different, or to be a little bit more in the background. The voice is an excellent style for what you're doing.

    It is an excellent example of the genre. Unfortunately, the genre does not appeal to me. For those who like it... well, it's worth the click.

  7. Don't be so close-minded. :x

    Not all songs with "Dance" in the title are dance, and therefore "bad". Download Gman's mix, then pass judgement.

    Very solid dance... *glares at Emperor* It seems a little top-heavy; I would have liked a stronger bass. Definitely no lack of technical ability. See, when the mid comes in at 2:31, that makes it more balanced. The original seems to have been a very nice melody; never played through BoF2, so I wouldn't know.

    Nice work! :nicework:

    Discuss what's in the link somewhere else. PM me, if you feel it necessary. I just felt like griping at Emperor...

  8. Wow... this thread has been so much help. It's great. I had the 'silent MIDI' problem too, and if I'd known all you had to do was change the port number to 0... Wow. Don't I feel stupid.

    And Rellik - if you have Cakewalk, why don't you just make a MIDI in that and import it into FL, apply a SF bank, then export it as an MP3? Notation is a billion times easier in my MIDI program (PrintMusic! 2000) than in that vile little piano roll. You can barely see anything!

  9. Once again, Haroon pulls it off. Amazing trance, absolutely amazing. He may have even surpassed his BoF remix, and that was pants-wettingly awesome. The intro is, well, questionable... but that's for Otanjoubi to decide, not me.

    And if you'll notice, one can not only easily amputate the intro (as soon as it starts clipping), but the "Happy birthday!" at the end is sufficiently spaced from the end of the music to allow for removal. So quit complaining. You can do it with free software, if you're that adamant.

    Or you can drive around town in a convertible with the volume way up, with just the intro burned onto one track of a CD, set to repeat. See how many chicks you can pick up.

    Honestly, though, phenomenal work. The attention to detail is obvious.

  10. Remember what happened when SquareSoft tried to do a fighting game? It was terrible, that's what happened. Jared has found his idiom in this orchestral style. I'm not saying that if he tried to branch out, he'd crash and burn, but if he's good at orchestral, then he's going to produce orchestral. And this is still one of my favorite mixes from OverClocked. If he tried anything else, I don't doubt that it'll have the same quality and overall technical proficiency as his other pieces.

    P.S. I liked the percussion... it was tactfully in the background, and was there more to be sensed than heard. It gave the whole piece a sense of motion, which rounded out the image of flight.

  11. Ooohhh... *low moan of pleasure* Jared, you done it again.

    I loved Chu Chu's Flight. Now you've done another airship theme from the same game in the same style, so I've gotta love it. What's more...


    You get cookies forever for that breathtaking solo. The soundfont wasn't the best, but the G# at 1:54 (Yes, I figured out the melody - it's in E Major, btw) brought tears to my eyes. I'd never heard this song before, as I haven't played Xenogears (by God, I need to), so it was all the more phenomenal to me. Superlative. Absolutely. I wanna play that solo.

    Now you've set me off. More airship themes! More! *cracks whip* WHA-PISH! WHA-PISH!

  12. Blaster Master? Uuurrrgh... I hate that game. I bought it for my Game Boy, 'cause there was a guy standing near the cabinet recommending stuff to me, and I took his word, thinking he knew what he was saying.

    Well, either he didn't, or he was far better at that sort of game than me. I suspect the latter. I couldn't even get past the first boss. Argh!! Stupid flower! And the music got stuck in my head, and I got lost (!) in the sidescroll world with the tank, and I kept walking into mines. And I completely suck. But hey, what's new?

  13. Yeah, that did suck. I mean, Link coulda lived in paradise with Marin. But no, he had to wake up. When you had her following you after you went to the beach to get her to wake up the walrus at Animal Village, you held her up like an item. It looked like you were looking under her dress. I thought that was so funny.

  14. Bahamut and Cpt_Zach: Yeah, I beat Lavos at the Ocean Palace without New Game +. I did use the Game Genie code for 1-hit kill on ZSNES... hee hee. That ending is weird. You get to go off the Epoch dock and talk to the programmers with oil drum and cat avatars. Freaky.

    I'm probably not going to get many people to concur with this, but for me, I hated the 5th level boss in Legend of Zelda IV: Link's Awakening for GBC. He was a giant segmented worm that popped his head out of one of four holes in the wall, randomly. Then he'd open his mouth and roar. You had to fire the hook shot (great weapon, till the omnipotent boomerang) into his mouth with precise timing, from enough of a distance to pull the bugger out far enough to get a few good hits on his beating heart with your sword.

    Sometimes, however, he'd trick you; it'd be a fake worm that would writhe around, then explode (hurting you). I was really confused by those for quite a while. I chased them with my sword, then wondered why it wasn't doing anything. Oh, the naïveté... On top of all of that, you had the really long tail sticking out of a hole in the center of the floor. It swung around in a circle, and encompassed nearly the whole room. I developed a strategy of some sort, but I forget what it is now. It took SO long to beat...

    Strangely, the eigth-level boss was pretty easy. It took me scarcely seconds to beat him. Just stood on the edge of the lava pool and shot fireballs randomly... he never had a chance. Fire conquers all!

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