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  1. The lack of an actual "campaign" has really thrown me off. Multiplayer can be fun, granted, but games that last for hours simply lose their flare. A good LAN game if everyone is willing to commit a good chunk of time -- that is where this game really shines.

  2. This has my vote. After the intense battle with Maze, this guy was a joke. In the original version of Fable, all I did was used lightning on him non stop while drinking mana pots and he died. He was stunned by the lightning the whole time and couldn't attack me, I could just stand still and do it.

    At least in the expansion version you couldn't stun him with lightning, which made him a little harder, but not by much. His second form as a dragon was much more impressive though.

    Even then...


    >Multi Strike

    >Big sword....

    End. The dragon looked all big and tough...yet it was insanely easy. Just wait for him to land and deliver the blow.

  3. Baiting can be fun =D

    Managed to bait and down a Typhoon, Cerberus, Ferox, and Manticore last night in one egagement. Evidently our Raven was just too tasty to pass.

    Just be careful if you venture out into 0.0 - nothing is as it seems. Everyone is out to get you :<

  4. Hey, I just started yesterday, and I've got to say, this has the potential to hook me for a long time. But I have one question:

    I've heard you can actually pay for the price of a subscription using in-game cash. One, how much does it cost, and two, where can I make this transaction?

    (Also, I'm a Gallente-Gallente-Immigrant, I'm thinking I'll become a pirate, since I have always loved pirates anyways. Fights with my paladin-esque policing tendencies, but hey, I play the good guy in all my other games, eh? Any advice on how to become a pirate and how to be a good one?)


    This should answer your question.

    Keep in mind - you'll need approximately 150-180m ISK for a 30 day time card (ie, very hard to get even whilst soloing lvl 2-3 missions in empire space. If you have access to a battleship and 0.0 space - you might be able to rat a week straight and get your iskies to play for free).

  5. So yeah I like the new changes including the GUI. In a more familiar term, I can now "overclock" the modules of my ship but with the risk of making them utterly useless until I can repair them at a station. Makes for last resort moments more intense, especially if without the overheat option, sometimes a battle is already decided, with overheat I can have a good chance of winning but basically become gimped for a while in the end.

    What features do players here enjoy?

    [cloaked manticore]

    [uncloak manticore]

    [lock target, pew pew of cruise missiles]

    [cloak manticore]

    [watch target take 2000 damage]


    Loving the boni that SB's are receiving. Not to mention faction missiles with the equivalent of T2 - but no drawbacks. Love seeing 700+ on structure with a missile.

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