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  1. everything is wrong with pop.

    im sorry to say it and i know its gonna offend alotta people out there, but pop is shit...there u go i said it...shit....


    because its all false.fake.manufactured.barbie girl.gi joe.plasticky. pop idol.lets all slit our wrists because it all sounds the same.

    qoute from gta lips 106. "we play it, till u like it"

    there, thats sums up popular music.

    i live it in the uk so things might b a little different, but over here they play the sames 10 songs over and over and over and over again on the radio. untill i know every single god dammed word to theese songs that i dont even like.

    it gets to the point where i end up hating the artists.

    im a dj and for over 15 ive been into dance music. mainly hardcore, happy hardcore, trance, house, jungle ,drum n bass,rave etc. every now and then some twat will re release a song into the charts after remixing buggering about and pissing all over a really class track and ruining it completly.

  2. does anyone remember the mortal kombat movie music... uknow the rave track, oh sorry , u guys call it techno................ ok so u got that in ur head............k, keep it there.... ..now liten to this remix again.............cool huh.

    anyway its an ok remix. i mean the whole trance thing works really well.

    but when the actuall melody comes in it kinda ruins it for me.

    dont get me wrong i love the green hills music.

    but not in this track. its a bit too cheesy quaver.:<

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