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  1. Holy damn this is awesome <3 I've never heard a Tal Tal Heights remix I didn't like, and this remix definitely continues the trend.

    The beginning really feels like it drags on a bit too long, though. I can exactly pinpoint the moment the remix goes from 'decent' to 'flipping amazing' - 1:33. I feel like it would the remix good if you were to shorten that intro some and kick things into high gear much sooner. Other than that, I've got no complaints: this remix is pure badass.

    I await your next update, yo.

  2. If I may say so, the first 40 seconds of this second are absolutely bomb-ass. I don't know what it is, but it all just sounds so... perfect. That isn't to say that the entire piece isn't great, though. I don't really mind the guitar change at 1:33 - it adds some nice variety, I think.

    I gotta agree with the guy up top, but I'm pretty sure he's talking about 1:24 and not 1:42. It sort of builds up to something and then just fades away. Other than that, this song is pretty awesome. Can't wait to hear the entire thing.

  3. My brother did a drum cover of this song...apparently he was trying to decide between this one, zircon's Monstrous Turtles, and my Devastation's Doorway. Ah well, I'll work on him a bit to do the other two also. :)


    It seems that your brother and I have similar tastes, lawl. Well, if those three songs are some of his favorites, at least.

    There were some parts where the added in drumming sounded a tad awkward, but other than that it was pretty badass. I approve, yo.

  4. Damn, skippy. I enjoyed this remix thoroughly. I especially liked how it sounded by the ending. I can't really find any complaints except that maybe you tried to fit in a bit too much into the remix - some parts near the middle/near end (I guess around the 3/4 area) sound just way too short before they transition onto the next part. Nonetheless, awesome job.

    Oh, and I think I 'gasmed beginning at 2:24. Mmmm.

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