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  1. Ok, that's a bit freaky, I was listening a few hours ago to the astonishing "Metal Gear Solid Legend of the Snake OC ReMix" by Ruben Kee (May he Rest In Peace :( ), and I was thinking that Its been a while since there's been a Metal Gear or MGS remix....and there it is!

    Fantastic job musicalman!! The power is there and the feeling as well!! It's just amazing!

    Great ocremix ^^

    Good Continuation Dude!


  2. It rocked my world. That was completely awesome and complete fanboy fodder. It was great. The game is just really good, but it's weird to have a Metal Gear that has a conclusion... just doesn't entirely seem right as it's never been that way before, but I like the way it ended though. Ending twist was awesome too. :)

    What about you? Did you dig the twist?


    Probably during this week. What's your PSN name? Strike911 as well? I'll add you.

    About the ending...it's wasn't a slap in my face. Not at all, I'll define it as a freaking huge crane on my face ^^

    I was like "WHAAAT??? NOOOO FUCKING WAY!!"

    Brilliant, absolutely Brilliant!

  3. I figured that since the ps3 is so powerful, it could run unimaginable data directly off the disk... or if it did, would the disk just burst into flame?

    So again, is there a difference between the 40gig and the 80gig besides the memory? Like i said, I'm cheap and want to avoid spending as much as possible which means cutting out all features that I don't need. Any advice for a n00b?

    That's the exact question I asked before buying my PS3 a few days ago.

    They said "No No No, there's no difference at all except for the memory capacity"

    Well, I bought the 40gig. Turns out that there is a difference besides that. On the 40 gig, there are no memory stick slots and there are only 2 USB rather than 4.

    So yeah, I got pretty pissed off.

    My advice to you dude? Get a COMPLETE PS3, get a 60 or 80.

  4. 5 hours, 18 minutes, and 54 seconds until Metal Gear Solid 4 is in my hands!

    AND A QUESTION to anthonynemer...

    Konami said the game would run at 60 FPS. Metal Gear Online's beta did not run at 60 FPS unless you were looking straight down at the character or at the sky. Does MGS4 run at 60FPS like they said it would or no? Not a big deal either way... 60 FPS makes it look more like a next-gen game. 30 FPS makes it look more similar to a movie. ha.

    Yep, the game runs at 60 fps, but also Im playing it at 720p (my TV being HD ready, and not full HD). There are some Frame drops from time to time, cause of the HUGE amount of polygons and details on screen ^^ but i doesn't bother at all. Well, at least not me. :P

    Already 12 hours into the game, and to reply to Thin Crust, true there have been a lot of spoilers because of the trailers, but I will add that with the amount of events and things that happen in the game, there's soooooooo much to discover!

    Believe me, we've seen so much and yet we've seen nothing. So many surprises ^^

    Just for info, I fought 2 bosses till now.... and I had a blast! Amazing fights!!

    The game is just fucking amazing ^^

  5. its not a matter of patience in sneaking around that would make me not like it

    its more about long boring cut scenes

    We should crucify you upside down for defining the long cut scenes as "boring" :P lol

    Just like Strike911 said, the whole story is in the cut scenes. As you said, they're usually quite long, true, but if you are actually a fan of the MGS story, you'll be looking forward to these.

    That's why you should start with MGS1, either on PS or on Gamecube, get intrigued by the whole plot, it's just amazing! Or else, if you really don't care about the story or lack the patience of watching, just play directly MGS4. But you'll get only a few percent of the whole fun, and that will really be too bad.

    Anyways... whatever you do, enjoy ^_^

  6. Some idiot at Wal Mart broke street date four days in advance. Beware of even more spoilers.

    That's messed up! 4 days in advance?? WTF! Basically, we shouldnt even check VG websites and forums anymore, spoilers will be spread everywhere and people will just copy paste from one forum to another. :(

    On the other hand... some lucky bastards are already playing the game...if not finished it already. I think I'll be spending my next few days on World of Warcraft until I get MGS4 ^^

  7. Well, its not the end of the world ^_^, but in that case you should check out the story or the cutscenes (perhaps you've already done this). They're very good and a perfect continuation of Big Boss's story.

    By the way, everyone should check out "Metal Gear Retrospective" on Gametrailers.com

    There are 4 parts until now, around 25 min each and summarises the whole Metal Gear Saga starting with the MSX.

    Extremely well done!

    My coffee is cold.

  8. ... I've stayed away from the track listing and the songs. Thanks for letting me know. I need to stay away just for another week and a half. Hah. ^_^

    OH, and also June 1st, a new (and possibly final) Kojima Report podcast from Ryan Payton. It's on the hideo blog page. It's 77 minutes long to make up for the 2 month hiatus. :)


    I am so psyched. This is the most excited I've been for a game in a reeeeally long time.

    Well, you were mentally stronger than me in that case, I couldn't take it anymore, I needed something from MGS4 :P

    Reaaal spoiler, I know the boss order now...bouh!....and something....veeeery intriguing.

    Same with me, fist time I'm so psyched for a game since MGS3:Snake Eater

  9. That's funny, Im posting a review on this remix a bit more than 4 years after I downloaded it :)

    I think its one of the best remixes I've heard since I discovered this site in 2000.

    Its just too good, really rich and of course when you break and start the boss theme...incredible, what a high!

    Made me wanna replay Lifeforce and finish Gradius V :)

    Thank you for that masterpiece!


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