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  1. When the piano plays the main melody it seems to change the song's energy too much. That melody is so sad, the rest of the song is groovin. For me the contrast makes the song hard to listen too, but I really like the energy of each alot. I really like your middle section.

    You can find a way to blend them together, maybe by customizing the drums to emphasize beats in the melody, or maybe adding a bassline will tie everything in.

  2. I think this song has a lot of potential, and you should explore a few different ways of filling the song out. At first I thought it sounded like really nice, serious film music, and then the bass came in and it started to get a little trancy. Both styles could work i feel. Maybe bring in a cello instead of a bass if you want to tray sticking to the classical feel.

  3. The song is sort of a wash of chords with a melody over it.

    It does sound soothing, but it might sound more interesting if instead of having the strings play chords they do a counter melody.

    It also might sound cool if you had some violins playing 1/8th notes along with it. The song seems a little too slow as is.

  4. This is a song I am working on that I hope to expand.

    It's called The Adventure Begins, ( I am really bad a titles).


    Then I randomly replaced my instruments with chessy synths, and I thought it sounded ok. It is called Lsd Adventure begins... yeah.

    I think they compliment eachother well. Let me know what you think of them!

  5. You build up energy really well in the beginning. For the break around 30 seconds, its kind of weird how the bass follows the lead instrument. The melody you throw in at the end is really catchy. Instead of have the bass resolve the song after a minute and repeating, you could find a way to make it flow back into the beginning better. It really is good music for racing, good job.

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