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  1. Holy shit. This is condensed epic. Groundbreaking on OcreMix. \m/ (O.O) \m/ I guess I'm in for surprises like this when I haven't updated my ocremix torrents in a long time. It sounds like they mixed in some metalcore elements in the style here and there. The vocals were generally pretty good too, except perhaps the very beginning, which felt very metalcore-ish to me, at least. Overall though this is quality from start to finish. Fitting production, great guitar/drum work, etc ...

  2. I've been a lurker on this site for 3 years, delivering the best remixes on the web ;D Anyways. I finally got inspiration for making a game tune myself. It's far from finished as I have only worked on it for a couple of days. Need to sort out the variations, etc... Hope you can help me with some ideas!

    Anyways, it's a remix of the "Prelude" theme featured in every Final Fantasy. Although, it's more like the one in FF 9.


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