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  1. Is there some sort of taboo on Banjo Kazooie? =p Nobody seems to be attempting tracks from it's OST, come on people there's some really nice material in it, and for Banjo Tooie too. It's awkward there's not a single post in the WIP section or the Request section even. Grant Kirkhope really did a good job on the OST, enough to crave for ReMixes. Attempting to do all sorts, including techno, trance, orchestra even. Bubblegloop Swamp is one of my really favourite ones, as well as Freezeezy Peak. Not to mention the track behind Gobi's Valley, and the one while we were toileting around in Mad House Mansion. There's good material within the Gold feather and Rubber running shoes theme... but there's always a chance of someone pulling a Vivaldi and doing all four seasons of Click Clock Wood.

    I think the gibberish speaking bear, and the motor-mouth bird needs some love. =[


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