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  1. I'll bet very few of you have heard of this Kemco-made N64 gem. I'm not surprised; it never really gained much favor when one could compare it to Starfox 64.

    Still, Knife Edge Nose Gunner was a pretty good rail shooter, and what's better is that it had a KICKASS soundtrack. Unfortunately, this game hasn't received the recognition it deserves, and I think that needs to be rectified.

    If you want to hear the original tunes for the game, follow the link below:


    So, who here wants to take up the challenge of giving this game the remixes it so richly deserves?

  2. Man, this game was great. And it had a rockin good soundtrack to boot. But I'm surprised to see no one here has made any remixes of its greatness.

    I'd really love to see remixes of tracks like "Master of Tartarus", which is an awesome boss battle tune. There's a bunch of other cool tracks, but unfortunately I don't know what they're called since they're all named in Japanese.

    But still, I'm sure you agree that we could use some Persona 3 remixes. Even better, maybe we could get remixes from Persona 3 FES. They're essentially the same game aside from expansions.

  3. One of the greatest SHMUPs out there, I'm surprised there aren't more remixes of its tunes here. "Front Line Base" and "Project 4 Fortress" are totally awesome, as is "Enemy Airforce".

    Please... pretty please... make more remixes for this game. It's so awesome. One isn't enough.

  4. AYBABTU!!! :lol:

    But seriously, despite this game having one of the worst translations in history, you have to admit it's music was pretty decent. I'd love for their to be more remixes of it, as all I can find are remixes of its famous intro.

    But by all means, remix the intro if you want.

  5. This 2D shooter from the 90's is a complete classic, and is still played to this day by a few purists. I know there's already one remix of a tune for this on the site, but I hardly think that's enough. There should be more of this game's great soundtrack remixed.

    So, does anyone want to take up the challenge? Any tune will do.

  6. This game isn't really well known, but it's one of the best and most innovative 2-D shooters out there. That, and it's freaking hard. The game is for the Dreamcast and the Gamecube.

    It also has some great music. My favorite track of the list is the first Boss Battle theme.

    It's so fast-paced, has great instrumentals, and is overall awesome. Simply epic stuff.

    If anyone wants to fulfill the request, use this link to the original tune:


    Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to fulfill this request.

  7. I am quite surprised no one has made any remixes of the excellent soundtrack from Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. So I think I'll make requests on some of the tunes.

    The first is obviously Confidence in the Domination. This is the boss battle theme, and it is kickass. It might be a bit tricky, though.

    Second would have to be Fragments of the Heart. This tune is actually quite hauntingly gorgeous, and is perfect for conveying sadness and despair. Remixing it with something soft (i.e. piano, flute, etc.) would be good; I'd rather not have a rock remix or metal remix.

    Third would be Hard Chain Reaction. Lezard Valeth has a really good dungeon theme, and a metal or rock remix would be sweet.

    Lastly, I wish to request Shiver. This special boss theme is scary, and could be remixed in any fashion. If you decide to remix this, do so in any way you want.

    Here are some links to the original tunes (in order of request):





    I may request more, but not for now.

  8. I personally really like the Fire Emblem music. The Latin vocals are a very nice touch, and the song's words actually have meaning (if you can understand Latin). Would've been nice to have Japanese lyrics, but I'll accept Latin.

    Fox owning Rayquaza is pure gold. Considering that the big dragon is a likely boss, I can't wait to fight it (Rayquaza's genderless, btw:mrgreen:).

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