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  1. I saw it, and a couple of things about the character Tron bugged me.

    1) His involvement felt so minimal. They could have pretty much just put some other character in and it would have been exactly the same.

    2) SPOILER When Tron suddenly turned good, it felt utterly convenient without any cause pretty much. My thoughts were just like "Oh look, the only way they can get out of this is if Tron does something. Oh look, he is good suddenly. If they had shown throughout the film that Tron was fighting back against his... redness, then it might have made more sense. But it was just so dang convenient for him to suddenly change like that. Perhaps 'contrived' is a better word for it.

    Tron really wasn't in the movie. He was minimal.

  2. What surprised me most was that Harrison Ford didn't make a cameo. Mark Hamill was great, Carrie Fisher's hair was different but Obi Wan was awesome!

    Seriously...I saw Tron Legacy last night and it was SO heavy with Star Wars influences that I'm calling it Star Wars 7. We had Darth Vader addressing the Storm Troopers, the destruction of the Death Star, Luke flying the x-wing fighter, the power of the Force being used to save humanity...quite a few other references, too. Sam is really a Han Solo/Luke amalgamation, but you get the idea. I wasn't looking for all this, it just hit me as I was watching. My son (17) claims the movie is an homage to the '80s but I'm not buying it. LOL.

  3. If you're ever in Amherst, Massachusetts, the Black Sheep cafe has some of the best sandwiches you'll ever eat. They have some really interesting combinations and they are stuffed full of meats and veggies. They even have a good range of vegetarian and vegan options. And their brownies are to die for!

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