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  1. I'm sure someone will throw it up on another mirror soon. I know it sucks to not be able to download it, but OCR has provided a wide variety of ways to download the album. Sometimes shit just won't download correctly for some people. It happens to me on occasion for random stuff... I don't think there's anything else you can do other than to try another mirror or another connection.

    How do I get on another mirror for the full zip? I only see one download link for the full zip, compared to the 4 mirrors for the individual MP3s

  2. So not only did we have to gather an arbitrary number of Likes to get access to maverick.ocremix.org, but the zip file for download on that website is completely inoperable. I've tried to download it no less than 6 times so far, and every single time the download "finishes" at near the 50MB mark and won't unzip.

    Since we went out and promoted your site for you, can we at least have the album that was promised as a reward?

  3. Alright, that may be fine for you. Consider your part finished, and wait patiently.

    SOME PEOPLE have endless love for the music and the site, and will continue to pimp in a very "street team"-esque manner, except without the street and more on the internet, as the whole "street team" thing was sort of addressed and laughed out of the thread at one point.

    You don't need to keep complaining about the injustice, the staff know how you feel by now. It won't make the album come out any sooner. It should only be another day. Then you'll see how great it is, how well-put together the album is and how all the aspects of it are really nice, and you'll regret some of your behavior, I can almost guarantee it.

    I strongly doubt I'm going to regret making my feelings known about a hamhanded publicity stunt, and I resent your tone that I am inferior to those who will endless perpetuate this sort of stunt by begging all their friends to go like a Facebook page.

  4. You guys could have used all the energy you put into this thread out there gaining likes for the facebook!

    I'm not going to go out and pester my friends to Like a Facebook page for a site they've never heard of. I Retweeted the original Tweet about it, and my Facebook friends can see that I Like the page. That's the extent of the whoring I'm going to do for this place.

  5. It is clear the goal of this campaign was promotion for the site in general, this in itself is not a bad thing. However, the way this particular campaign was handled was done extremely poorly. What made matters worse is that many of the staff members, rather than listen to these concerns, chose to instead belittle members of the community who made their opposition to this campaign known. Not just that, but the title of this thread shows how unwilling the staff have been to listen to constructive criticisms. Instead they were all too quick to throw out the "entitlement card" without even considering why the response was negative in the first place.

    There are two very simple avenues the staff could have taken to avoid this backlash.

    #1: Announce a firm release date, and only offer to release the album sooner if the number of "likes" on Facebook met the 27,000 goal.

    #2: Give the people who do click the "like" button on Facebook early access to the album. This would act as an incentive, whereas now whether you do or don't, you have to wait regardless.

    I understand the goal of wanting to broaden your audience, but the way you've gone about it is fundamentally wrong. If you choose to keep your eyes solely focused on Facebook graphs, metrics, and figures, all while ignoring the impassioned statements from members who have spoken out against this particular campaign, you are doing a disservice to the community as a whole.

    I agree with this post wholeheartedly. If the website staff had been polite and courteous about this whole thing, I would have stopped at being mildly irritated at this campaign, but as it stands, I am actively upset and will be unLiking the OCR Facebook page as soon as the album is out. I'd withdraw my Like now, but I do not wish to delay the album even more for other fans.

    I love the music that gets put out here. I love all the awesome album projects and am grateful for them. But this whole incident has made me realize...I like OCR music. I do not like OCR.

  6. Yes because it's so easy for us to track when someone posts a flyer at a grocery store. You're throwing out these suggestions but you don't take logistics into account. How do we measure that kind of thing? "I told three of my friends about it!" Uh, okay? "I put up a flyer, here's a picture." Okay, we'll add it to our database of real space promotional tracking!!!!!!!!

    The entire point in getting people to follow the OCR page on Facebook is so that we can continue to promote and inform people about music that comes out in the future in an effortless and direct manner. It gives us a way to interact with people very quickly, as soon as new music is posted.

    Nobody is unfairly barred from anything. The album isn't out yet. Nobody except staff has access to it. You don't get preferential treatment because you happen to participate. Once the target is hit, everyone gets the album.

    And people accuse me of hating fun. Are you for real?

    I recommend things like flyers and IRL Word of Mouth as things you can suggest to people who like this site. A way for people without Facebook to contribute. It doesn't have to "count" toward anything (as I feel this 27,000 Like campaign to be misguided from the start) but rather just be something people do out of the goodness of their hearts. The staff of OCRemix could even participate by designing a standardized flyer people can print out and post.

    And yes, I am for real.

  7. Yes, there is no way we could be attempting to reach both types of people at once. How that makes one go "A-HA, CAUGHT YOU IN LIES!" is beyond me. :tomatoface:
    It's meant to bring more potential listeners and newcomers to check out to what the artists provide here at OC ReMix, as well as target folks who may already enjoy the site but don't like OCR on Facebook yet. I don't know why you need a press release to state this rather obvious fact.

    This is some of the hostility and disrespect I'm getting from people here. I post a simple, polite, well-worded request for OCRemix to be more transparent about this whole drive. Liontamer, who is listed as not just a moderator, but a SUPER moderator, responds with some of the most thinly veiled sarcasm I've ever seen, and KyleJCrb (Who isn't a forum mod, but is a co-director on a couple albums) calls my intelligence into question in a roundabout manner. "...why you need a press release..[for] this obvious fact."

    On the flipside, I do want to commend Bahamut (another moderator) for replying calmly and rationally in this thread. His post is very long, so I will not be quoting it here, but it is the first post on page 7. Since he has a demonstrated a much better ability to be mature and deal with fan relations in a polite manner, perhaps he should be OCRemix's next "Super Moderator"

    I again say, I have no problem with OCRemix wanting to increase the popularity of the site, but this particular campaign bothers me. Level 99 (another mod) makes the following statement:

    Quite obviously times are a-changin': Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google+, whatever. Social media is the main avenue to reach a fanbase these days

    If Facebook, Twitter, etc are all valid ways to get the word out, why is this campaign limited to Facebook? Total up all your Likes, Followers, Fans, ReTweeters, whatever, and you'll hit your 27,000 mark easily.

    As it stands, people who don't use Facebook are being unfairly barred from accessing this hyped album. Some people just don't care for social media, some minors are forbidden to use Facebook by their parents or guardians. They currently have no way to "help stop Sigma" and get this album released. There should be some manner of "alternate Like" for these users, such as telling some friends at school or work or posting a flyer on a public bulletin board at a grocery store or community center.

    I again request more transparency with this advertising campaign. Stop the cheeky "IT'll take 27,000 Likes to defeat Sigma" stuff and make a simple press release that says something to the effect of "OverClocked Remix would like to increase the popularity of our site, and to further that goal, we are requiring 27,000 of our fans to "Like" us on the social media site Facebook."

    I also request that the moderator staff exercise more care and respect when dealing with the fans. Either designate a single person to serve as "fan relations" and have all statements come through them, or just simply respond to complaints calmly and concisely without resorting to sarcasm or accusations of entitlement.

    EDIT: See, this is more of what I'm talking about. Instead of responding with any kind of care and support for the community, another moderator comes back with passive-aggressive hostility.

    Or, maybe, you know, you're all just over analyzing the entire thing.
  8. Yes, we are "punishing" you by attempting to encourage more potential fans to check out and appreciate this album as well as future ReMixes and albums by joining our page so they're more likely to know when even more new music is out later.

    Wait a second. Another moderator said earlier that this drive was targeted at people who were already ocremix fans but hadn't liked the Facebook page yet. Now you're saying it's for to spread the word to people who haven't yet heard of the site.

    One of the artists on the album put his track on YouTube because he was told the album was coming out today, not that the publicity drive to get a release would start today.

    The level of inconsistency coming from the "higher-ups" is quite troubling. Instead of this "oh no free the page from Sigma" stuff, could we please just get a clear and definite press release staing the reasons for this artificial delay to the album's release as well as a clarification on what purpose this Like drive is meant to fulfil?

    Look, I understand that you want to make this site bigger and better, but sending these mixed messages and withholding content from your fanbase isn't the way to do it.

  9. Not going to lie.. that's kind of a dick move considering all the hype going into this and how patiently a lot of us have waited for the album. I don't recall having to like OCRemix on any other album release to get it, why should this one be any different?

    Agreeing with this as well. Its not a huge deal...but no other OCRemix album has had any barrier to entry other than waiting for the release date. Setting a gate of "Go pester 3000 people to come like the OCRemix Facebook page" looks more like a publicity stunt or a cry for attention rather than a legitimate desire to spread the word about OCRemix.

    That said, I'm still pumped for the album and eagerly await its release.

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