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  1. What a difference half a version makes - V2.0 is much better than V1.5 and, in my opinion, everything's an improvement. As I'm not an artist, I can't suggest any further ways to improve it, but this is a mix I'd definitely love to see on OC ReMix. I personally can't see any more ways to improve it, but again, I'm not an artist.

  2. Hi all, this is one of my favourite tracks from F-Zero GX and have seriously been pining for a remix for so long. :razz: I don't quite know how to describe the genre...


    Anyone wanting the long version can listen to it here (it's Track #81, close to the bottom). If anyone could try a remix of this, I'd very much appreciate it, as it's one of those brilliant videogame tracks that doesn't get enough mention (in this one's case, any mention).

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