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  1. I've heard a lot of people talk about how bad these brawl players are for relying so much on wavedashing that they hacked it back in the game but it really is less about neededing l-canceling and wavedashing to be good and more about making the game actually fun.

    Went to a tournament on saturday with 64 or so people and I got rocked :(. Honestly I don't know what happened.

    1: Inui ($469.00) - MetaKnight

    2: Forward ($134.00) - Snake/Pit

    3: AlphaZealot ($67.00) - Diddy Kong

    4: Dook - Snake/Lucario

    5: Joey Fury - Snake

    5: Quivo - Toon Link

    7: Coma - Diddy Kong

    7: Black Guile - Marth

    9: Delta Punk

    9: Sonic the Hedgedawg

    9: McWooty - Fox

    9: Tyr


    49.me :C :C :C

    The people in bold are who I went to the tournament with and the last two local tournaments we went to I put Black Guile out and we both practiced the same amount for this tournament (not at all), so the only thing I can think of is to go back to playing Falco cause Game and Watch worked out roughly zero percent good for me.

  2. Hey, sup Ibanez? I haven't spoken to you in ages. Do you play on GGPO/2DFreeplay any? There are some seriously nasty super turbo players on 2DFreeplay, and if I recall correctly, you're very good with Honda. You might want to check it out.

    Maybe, you guys shouldn't start out with a street fighter because everyone has a favorite and in each street fighter everyone only wants to use their favorite haxing character (*akumacough*).

    So, in conclusion, you guys should play WakuWaku 7 or like Garuo.

    Naw I haven't played on GGPO or 2dfreeplay too much due to port forwarding related sadness. :C

    also if we played garou i guarantee i could body some people with gato 8)

    edit:also play me you fuckers

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