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  1. I just got QLSO Gold and Goliath some days ago (Soundsonline), and the only reason i bought em, is because of game music production/remixing.

    Not so fan of the PLAY.sll as i can only load one instrument per plugin, not change intrument all the time without stacking instruments playing one midi in FL studio. But i'll manage to control that soon, as I installed em yesterday :)


    //happy buyer Sinfour

  2. It really depends on what kind or what track i'm remixing. If i only want to use one melody from original track, i make it myself. If i wanna produce a whole new track based on the original score, i'll find the midi, and just open it in FL. what i never do is copy midi from original. I always create my own material. its like when i get remix requests from labels, they want me to use main melody or main lead from original track, but i always end up making my own melodies on a remix...

    ..or does this not make sense at all? (i'm waaaay over my bedtime now...)

    //White Penguin // Sinfour

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    -Drizzly Rec

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  3. as previous comments, this have potential.. however... In my opinion, this is very thin production and a bit messy. I know you are a "new" producer, but i cant say this track is blowing me off the earth :< (< love that smiley btw). You have the catching melodi there and i get this old school trance feeling by it (in a posttive way because i still love old school trance). If this have OC potentional, its up to the judges decision :)

    I'm using FL aswell, and you should try out free VST's or demo VST's, and mix your tracks. put each sample into diffrerent channels on your FL mixer, and add stuff like reverb, delay and maybe stereo Enhancer, just to begin with. You can also load MIxer presets into a channel from Image Line folders. I think you can find tips and info about FL here: http://www.ocremix.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=28

    keep up the good work!

    //White Penguin / Sinfour / Issues

  4. Thank you for comments

    I know over 4 min is long, but have made 7-8 min trance tunes for 8 years now, so a bit of struggling getting the track within the 3:30 mark :-P

    I will probably change the whole track, and get less repedetive as you said. Maybe i add more melodies of the "Rose of may" theme, so it get more smooth and not boring. The drums is only a loop chopped up using "fruity slicer", so got to work more on that and make it more smooth and not as tight and hard. As it is atm, i have no bass, and i think i can work more on getting a bassline going (not trance bassline, but aucustic bass sample).

    i think i will finish this within a week or so, hopefully :)

    thanks again for comments

    //White Penguin

  5. Hello folks

    this is my first post here, but have been visiting this page for ages now..

    a little about myself. I'm a progressive trance producer with record deals under the guises Sinfour and Issues. I have always been fan of orchestral, game music and movie scores since i was very young. I have done some orchestral things by my own, and have never posted anything yet, except orchestra remixes of classic trance tracks.

    but enough of that, i'm working on a remix atm, as the titke of this thread says. I've used a score from Final Fantasy IX, Rose of May (Loss of me). I have called my little remix "White Penguin - Hidden Love Moments", and i hope you guys like what i've done so far. Criticism, tips and "booo's" are very welcome, since i'm stepping into a new area :<

    here is ze link http://www.sendspace.com/file/or4yn0

    enjoy! (hopefully) :P

    //White Penguin

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