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  1. i'm not that concerned with listening to surround sound music as I am with listening to mixes that are in better than CD audio quality. No matter what you think of NIN's THE SLIP album, the variety and quality of the formats available were, IMO, definitely a step in the right direction...

    I always rip the music I buy lossless WAV now. Means it gets more beautiful the louder it gets, though I have used 240/250GB of my hard drive now. =[

  2. Well, I have a nice crisp 5.1 surround sound set-up for my PC which has fast become my PC's favourite asset. I did a quick Google and there is a real lack of good Surround sound music (if this claim is false, please point me in the right direction), and I see really opportunity in it for music.

    Some of the remixes here are the most played music in my playlist. Having it surrounding me could only ever make it better. Personally I could never do as good as some of the mixers here do.

    I wonder how hard it would be for someone to try and compose something that completely races around my room, and if anyone would actually pull it off...

  3. Not much to do. You just walk around throwing boomerangs and planting bombs. If you kill yourself the game freezes. Like I said, very gay.

    Well I pressed T and my Tunic changed. I was cutting the hedges but they regenerated, and was trying to work out how to read the sign.. then found out how to cut it down. >_<

  4. Today I got an email from god knows where saying that Daniel Barras has released the final version of Ocarina of Time 2d and it provided me with links. I downloaded off one of the mirrors I was supplied with and I cant play the game because of some gay error, but I did play the debug mode or something like that, it was pretty gay. Has this happened to anyone else, or does anyone have news?

    EDIT: SHIT if any of you downloaded from that link plz dont open it. At least thats what the guy said for me to do.

    This is all very confusing

    I've scanned it with AVG, its running fine, its safe, I had your 'Gay' error but a new icon appeared, I clicked that, now I'm playing.

    I would like to add:


    And its not a full version, there's just a house you can't go in, and four walls, unless I need to cut the bushes..

  5. I'm no photographer, but I always have my phone on me:


    Taken from my back doorstep.


    This is how Portugal welcomed me.


    I was hoping not to get my brother in this shot.



    They're a small size because Myspace wrecked them, they are bigger as raw image.

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