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  1. So I've been playing Dwarf Fortress a lot lately. In fact, I'm up writing this because as I was trying to sleep I kept thinking about different mega-projects for my dwarves to build. Dwarf Fortress has been mentioned in the freeware thread, but aside from that, OC Remix is sadly lacking in dwarvishness.

    I figure there must be other people here playing this game, so I was thinking we could start up a succession game in the style of Boatmurdered and chronicle our fortress's progress. If anyone's interested, we can get a list set up and start having fun! The rules below have basically been copy-pasted from Boatmurdered.


    1)Each person will control the fortress for one in game year, after which they .zip it, upload it to somewhere (rapidshare, etc.) and pass it on to the next person. We'll be using the newest version (DF 31 03) with the regular ascii tileset.

    2)The real life time limit to complete your year and its accompanying write up is one week. If you can't finish in that time, your successor has the option to finish your turn and theirs, or we can revert to an older save.

    3)If the fortress is rendered completely unplayable due to flooding, or collapse, we'll revert to an older save.

    For those of you unfamiliar with Dwarf Fortress, you can download the game here, and even if you haven't played the game, the Saga of Boatmurdered is well written and hilarious, and totally worth the read. Also, see this infographic for a typical Dwarf Fortress tale of woe.

  2. "Cave Story is a freeware sidescrolling action/adventure/platformer title with leanings

    towards Wonderboy and recent sidescrolling Castlevania titles.

    For a freeware Japanese platformer, it´s fairly lengthy and has quite a large amount of

    text. I´d guesstimate that each playthrough, provided you knew what you were doing,

    would take about 4-6 hours. Tack on an extra couple of hours if you don´t know what

    you´re doing, possibly for extreme problems with nasty bosses (which this game has

    plenty of, especially towards the end.) We´re also talking three very different endings,

    plenty of plot, and quite a cast of charming characters. It really is a superb little gem :)"

    I've only been playing this for a few minutes and already it seems pretty amazing. It's

    being released on wiiware fairly soon, and seems to be well known in freeware circles,

    but I thought I would share anyways. Good stuff like this too often goes unnoticed.

    download (it's the guy with the red pants)

    english translation patch (v1.03 patch)


  3. Wario Land 3 for Game Boy Colour was so much win. Especially the golf minigames.

    DJ Mokram beat me to it, but Dynamite Headyy is so awesome it deserves more

    mentions. Dashing Desperados for Genesis was something of a racing game, but it had

    some good gameplay going for it.

  4. Excellent, More content! Hope we'll hear more from Selios too, as I liked where his remix

    was going (especially the synths midway through). I am now on dial-up, so everything

    takes an eternity to download, but I guess I'll do what I can (which sadly isn't very much at

    this point). Look forward to next week!

  5. I pressed the light button in the middle of the play and it immediately died.
    The backlight consumes a lot of power.

    The fact that the gameboy either works fine or not at all pretty much rules out any problems with the gameboy itself. The charger could have a bad connection somewhere that cuts the power whenever it gets moved around too much. This happened with one of my old gameboy colour adaptors. If you moved around too much while the gameboy was only running with the adaptor, the power would cut out. I don't imagine it's too uncommon since gameboys get moved around a lot more than other consoles, and the wires tend to get worn out. You're probably best off getting a legitimate nintendo charger, new if possible.

  6. Thanks for the links everyone. Some of the albums I'm looking for were listed as out of

    stock/out of print, but most of them were available on one site if not the other. Last

    time I ordered a CD off Ebay it arrived in a flimsy envelope with the jewel case badly


    Due to a wonderful little law we have up here in Canada, you can download music for free without fear of legal action against you

    Way ahead of you on this one.

    like you said, I also like to have the actual physical CD just so I have something

    tangible. The music doesn't feel complete without the album art and the little book

    inside the case. Also so I can rip in Flac format.

  7. I just saw the Okami OSt for $255 on Amazon and my heart sank.

    I know Amazon and Ebay have pretty much everything, but I was wondering if anyone

    knows of a site with reasonable prices and a good selection of video game soundtracks.

    I figure there must be at least a few people on this site who actually buy video game


    I also live in Canada, so shipping to places other than the US would be nice.

  8. I'll be happy with anything. I'll download low kbps WIPs that cutout halfway through the song.

    yes! Yes!! MOAR!!

    I'm learning to use LMMS, which is pretty much the open source clone of FL studio, so

    maybe in a few months I'll have something good enough to post here. Until then I'll have to

    be content to watch from the sidelines and contribute whatever non-musical skills I have.

  9. This is one of my favourite songs from the game, so I've been looking forward to this.

    I didn't expect this song to be done as an orchestral bit, but I'm interested to see where it's

    going to go, especially after the song picks up and gets crazy.

    Are we going to see any of these projects in the WIP section or submitted for judging?

    (not now I realize, but eventually?)

    Also, I'm wondering whether this thread should be moved somewhere else, since it doesn't

    seem so much like a request thread as it does a thread about this project.

    Edit: Also just found this--> DJ Mokram - New Beginning New Path.mp3

    Is this from the sound clip that plays when travelling to a new stage?

  10. I think Chrono Trigger really had the whole package of graphics, sound, storyline etc.

    Playing this back in 1995 would have been mind blowing. Back then a lot of the elements

    in the game were completely new to people. Now, anyone who's played an rpg before has

    seen them, so going back and playing Chrono Trigger doesn't seem as exciting.

    ...I need to play Secret of Evermore right now.


  11. Haha, I wish I could draw like that . It actually came from the same site your

    dynamite headdy picture did. :oops:

    My drawing skills aren't bad, but they're definitely not that good. Maybe when I'm done

    exams I'll have some time to practice my artistic abilities and contribute something to this project.

  12. That's quite useful to know. Thanks for sharing po!

    Actually, if you use something like Audacity, you can record all those SuperNes SFX in their 16bit glory.

    That requires just a bit of additional work, but I think it's worthwhile.

    Audacity is awesome. I've been using it for a long time, mostly to record obscure

    songs off youtube, but also for the occasional video game soundtrack and converting

    wavs to mp3 and such. I think po's link may ave been the site I was thinking of. It

    sounds like these are in game recordings (I can hear background music), but

    nevertheless a good sized database of sounds.

    And nice sig by the way Millipede!
    Haha, thanks. My artistic ability is limited to copying and pasting sprites in MS paint,

    but I did put a few hours of research into sprite ripping to make this. It would have made

    a cool gif, but time constraints and such prevented it.

    WinRAR would be perfect, thanks SpanishFly!

  13. I've heard from friends that Avast works well. I personally don't use any antivirus software, but relatives of mine have had me clean their computer and Avast worked seemingly well. It's free, too.

    The best antivirus ever is backing up your data and not downloading sketchy stuff.

    I know people who use Avast, and apparently it works quite well. I use Norton, I also

    like Spybot Search & Destroy, which is more antispyware, but it's still great (and free).

  14. Thanks Txai. :-o

    At one point I found a really good website with a bunch of sound clips on it, but I can

    no longer remember the name or url, and it doesn't exist in my history anymore.

    Spanishfly, If you have anything good, feel free to send it; Don't work too hard though.

  15. I'm working on a project and need some video game sound effects to use in it.

    I'm looking for some short wav files or something, specifically the 1-up noise from

    mario and the chime from zelda. I'd rather not have to rip it out of the rom file if I don't have to.

    Thanks OCR!

  16. 1. I think that, overall, most gamers are:

    B) around the same age

    2. most of the gamers I know are:

    c) between 19 and 24 years old

    But then again, most of the people I know fall into this age range, so it's hard not to be biased.

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