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  1. Wow, I think a lot of people here could stand to put down their bottles of haterade...

    People like what they like.

    I think it's awesome you have all these upcoming rappers and rock bands sampling video game music. Shows you they are people too, with interest and hobbies like us, and want to show their love for it just like we do.

    and to make this post relevant, I present Charles Hamilton's November 10th track, which uses a masterful sampling of Sonic's Marble Zone.

  2. I work a lot of anime conventions in the Alabama/Florida area.

    I was recently asked by my boss to do a panel because we had some panelist drop, and I informed him the only thing I knew enough about to even pretend to be an expert was video game music.

    for an 11am panel on Sunday morning (when most people didn't leave the rave till 2am or later) I had a pretty good showing, 11 people, although one was my girlfriend >.> Nobody walked out, and I got a few people who later approached me and said they liked it or that they wished they had been awake for it.

    Collaborating information from various wiki sources/kotaku article links and this site, I made a rough outline and rambled on about video game music.

    I started with the history of it's evolution from atari to modern day, then moved on to major games that focus on music (ala PaRappa the Rapper/DDR/etc). Thirdly I covered modern musicains who sample video game music/themes and then websites they could go to to get vgm, like this one.

    Any suggestions? What would you want to hear at a panel about video game music?

    Anyone have links to really insightful articles about VGM? Interviews with composers or whatnot they really like and think I might learn something from?

    edit: Obviously, I'm looking for feedback because I want to continue doing this panel to raise more awareness about video game music and it's community.

  3. Maja - Great rapper from Phoenix, focuses on anime and video games.


    Random - A lot of video game stuff, he just did a whole album based on FF7 rap.


    Godric Johnson - more video game themed rap.


    Team Teamwork - They mix rap music with video game beats, unlike the previous guys who actually make their own rap on top of video game beats or original beats.


    Safetywords - More video game themed hip hop.


    http://www.mediafire.com/?6ac4o4zfofvsfx9 - 8 bit mixed with Wu Tang music.

    Turbo - Has a number of Street Fighter based songs, other stuff is kinda random, all of it pretty good IMO, seeing as has made most of his music under the age of 21.



  4. yeah, his Anime song is great.

    I wish his track UUDDLRL (the Konami Code) was on there, it's total video game tribute.

    "Megaman was mega cool, Metroid was a classic, if you thought Samus was a girl you never passed it"


  5. Well I think the rave was a great success, I got a lot of compliments the next day.

    Thanks for the help people!

    and yeah, the rickroll was very well received, a lot of people instantly came over to my station to high five me, and the dance floor people started doing the little Rick Astley dance.

    the door watcher said about 5 people walked out though, haha.

    bLiNd's FF10 track "White Skies" was well received! as was AkumajoBelmont's Castlevania track "The Devil Inside" although I don't know if anybody caught them as video game tracks :/

    ps. don't worry about it SoulinEther, I didn't take it offensively.

  6. Play zombies ate my neighburgers and watch everyone stop dancing and go "what the hell?" plz

    haha, I do plan on rickrolling the audience. EVERYONE has been asking me to play Caramel Dansen song (

    ), so I edited it to blend into Rickroll right at the 17 second marker (watch the video and you'll hear that's right when the track "picks up" :twisted: XD
  7. ack, sorry, major newbie mistake there (not using teh search bar).

    I'm just flipping out because I'm really happy to DJ, but I want it to be good, and make sure I play songs that people will go...awesome! a Megaman dance track! ya know? and I'm trying to finish the list asap, so I can get some sleep, because I'm working the rest of the con as well, so not much time to look on my own, hence my asking for help!

  8. The rave is Saturday night, also, so I can take suggestions up until about 10pm Saturday.

    I really would appreciate any help, because I think it would be a lot of fun for their to be VG tracks playing that people would recognize!

  9. so I was made the DJ for a convention that starts...tomorrow!

    Sadly it seems their usual DJ couldn't make it, and I own the largest collection of dance and rave tracks of the people running the con, so I volunteered to just run a playlist of tracks.

    now, I have plenty of tracks to play, but because it's an anime convention, with lots of video games fans sure to be there.

    I am begging for rave or dance-party appropriate video game music tracks!

    I have This Device Has Been Modified (the portal techno song) but that's about it.

    any recommendations?!?

    links would be lovely too.

  10. So I primarily use Songbird.

    Now Songbird can easily sort by Genre, Artist, or Album.

    but Most OC Remixes for a same game are all over the place. Some are jazz, some are piano, some are techno.

    is there any trick to sort by video game, short of cheating and turning the Genre into the video game?

    Cause sometimes I want to listen to just Kirby remixes, or at least find them easily.

    Anyone else deal with this without just making tons of Playlist.

    I'm not super computer literate, so maybe I'm missing something easy here.

  11. I can't really dedicate time to help you out, I've got a full plate this semester, but I will recommend.

    Practice writing same-sound hiragana and katakana together. This way you associate them similarly.

    ex: あ and ア, い and イ, etc.

    if you don't have a conversation partner I really recommend practicing writing and reading a lot.

    remove yourself from romaji as soon as possible, if you haven't already.

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