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  1. Not really for recording, but what the fuck is it that attracts random non-pianists to my piano and MAKES them NOMATTER WHAT hit the highest two or four keys like it makes a cool sound or something. When they are writing I dont walk up and scribble on the corner of the page. When they are talking I dont interrupt with indistinct murmers. If someone is going to come by and play the piano while I am they better fucking harmonize damn well or they get their head bitten off

    Hear hear. The two highest notes or the two lowest.

  2. Number one thing that ticks me off when recording...

    What the hey, I'll put the top three.

    1.) Being interrupted by phone call. Seriously thinking about just disconnecting the phone when I'm recording then plugging it back in.

    2.) Working on the mastering for a track for two weeks then realizing I destroyed the original idea.

    3.) Having a friend look over shoulder constantly and giving random advice on how to mix and master a piece when that particular friend could even play a kazoo if he had the instructions stapled to their forehead. Yep, you got it. Not a fan of the back-seat-driver method.

    There are a couple of other things, but most of those just generally stem from the fact that I'm a perfectionist to a fault when it comes to making music.

  3. Nice job Zircon, I'm definitely getting that circa late 1990's feel.

    Just out of curiosity, ever experiment with the newer, darker sounds (a la Evol Intent, Counterstrike, Noisia, and those other boys)? Myself I land very much on the Dutch side of things, Black Sun Empire, Ohm Resistance label and such.

    Cheers, let me know when physical copies are ready so I can budget some cash out of my checking (rest goes to car payments).

  4. Greetings from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

    Been a lurker here for a while as well, and finally felt the urge sign up and join in. I love most things music, but lean towards the breaks n' bass n' goodies side of things when it comes to electronic stuff. Trying to produce my own music but it's hard, and I'm a perfectionist far too much to a fault.

    Looking forward to good times, sharing some tuneage, and maybe attending the occasional all-night virtual keg party.



  5. You're making me drool, he he.

    Seriously though, this has "ass-ripping bass" written all over it. Noisia would probably kiss you if they could. Nice phat beats and a very powerful sub I might add. The mixdown is clean and the sonic force doesn't overwhelm. So good job there. I can't stop ranting about those bass switches, so fluid, so delicious.

    That drop hit me like Mike Tyson with a bunch of horseshoes in his gloves, wicked job on the part that every aspiring wannabe big-time DnB nerd can't seem to get right worth their life.

    10/10, I'll raise a beer to this one.

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