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  1. Seems people are rather surprised i didn't do them in stereo, to be honest, i could probably export most of them in stereo and do more interesting things with them but i'm so built up and busy in college that it's hard to get time at the moment, and another release wouldn't be as anticipated as this one so really no point :( unless alot of people showed their concern for a stereo release that is. Otherwise, i am afraid you got them in high quality but mono.

    And thanks, i thought the Tor fix was the best i coulda achieved with the given circumstances :) so that means alot.

  2. Yeah, you could indeed be on the ball with the kick having too much kick. Unfortunetely as i said the current file is corrupted and i am working to try and resolve it but until then this is the best i could scrump up. Sure if you don't like the updated one just hold onto the first one. No harm done!

  3. I guess that's up to opinion. Want to expand on why? Though, i can reveal that my final mix of Tor crashed so i had to mix the old and new version rather than finish the remaster, if it really is that universally bad i will have it replaced the the HQ original one. But i would need more to agree.

    I mean, ok the start is somewhat, alot heavier, but to be honest the original lacked any sort of punch at all. And the sound does not break up, least not on my speakers or in my headphones. In fact in the original the bass is a little too loud in the mix so it's peaking from time to time and making a trembling sound in the lower frequencies which breaks the song up a bit. So i'm struggling to see why it sounds worse than the original. =( Please advance with feedback if you want to help me out here.

  4. Who wouldn't accept fan arts? ;)

    Thanks for the kind words on the music, High Quality versions are supposed to have been released by now (now NOT including Tor, exporting error and the entire cubase project file got corrupted :*( no remix of that one, doh)

    The IJI game creator should be releasing them on his website soon as he gets the hosting for them. Which is : http://www.remar.se/daniel/ You can see that he has announced the HQ updates incoming. The entire soundtrack will be released in high quality as it was heavily compressed for the smaller version. But after some poking and prodding i got permission from the lovely Dan Remar (iji creator) to upload a HQ soundtrack.

    Anyway, enough of blabbery.

  5. Hi, i'm Chris Geehan, if you have heard the IJI soundtrack you may then know that i am the original composer of the majority of the soundtrack. I am here looking for some work, nothing extremely massive or impending within the next short while but i'll should most likely take whatever i can get at the moment.

    Me and Dan Byrne-McCullough, the co-writer of the IJI soundtrack are looking for other game makers (i know this is probably not the best place for it but i'm going to try and plug and poke where i can) who need soundtracks. If you are even able to direct me in the right direction where i could advertise for such things that would be most appreciated! That is, if there is not already people here looking for a soundtrack. I know this is mostly composers and remixers so please do not frown to harshly upon this thread, i'm only trying to find somebody to help improve my portfolio more and help a good game out! So hopefully you guys can help me out here with a few moments of your time.

    Thanks for reading, looking foward to hearing any positive feedback on this subject soon.

    Chris Geehan

  6. KIND'A LOUD! Kind'a dry. Kind'a repetitive within those style sections. I noticed it in that order. They bother me in the opposite order.

    I'm not gonna have a re-listen to the old version, which I liked, to tell you how much better this is. Anyway, this sounds strangely like the mountain area music from FFX. And that's a good thing.

    You will be pleased to hear i am re-releasing the soundtrack in higher quality and with some serious remastering done, especially Tor, which i found a little oomph was missing from it, and a little too much was clouding the impact of the song.

    - Seven Four

    - Tor

    - For Stronger Bones

    - Kinda Green

    So far these are the only ones i have done new things to, so i will try and keep this thread posted as i really don't know how to navigate around this forum, oh well.. i'll try make a post with the new quality material in it, but just really rely on Spiff (Iji game creator) to handle the publicity boost for the re-release. Which i woulda done sooner but i've been away from my mini studio so not possible. =(

  7. Eeeeee, I adore this game! And the music. Especially "Kinda Green".

    Is there any chance of midis or guitar tabs for any of it? It'd be so much easier to remix...

    Hi, i am in the process of re-releasing some songs in HQ with new parts to them such as "kinda green", "for stronger bones", "tor" and "seven four" to name but a few, others will be too. I will see what i can do, no guitar tabs availible unfortunetely. But to be fair there isn't much in it except the solo which is worth tabbing, so yeah :) Rather ominus track with little to it but the foundation to easily build on. I am sure you could easily remix it without MIDI. Let me know if you do, would love to hear it.

  8. Whoa it's the original composer! Means a whole lot to me to get kudos from you =) Haha, talking about epic titles, I don't really have any ideas for this one. I mean, "Tor" is already pretty killer as is (as is TORonto booya). So yeah, if you have any ideas that would be great. Glad you liked it! I'm hoping I can get some better string samples lol.

    I used Miroslav Philarmonik for the strings mainly, i think. But i recommend Garritan Personal Orchestra, cheaper i think, and much better program in terms of quality. Though depends what you're going for, both programs are great but it's a judgement call really, i haven't really used the latter as much but i'm thinking of swaying that way in my next purchase.

    Anyway i think i got mixed up and thought one of the users referred to my original composition as Thor, i didn't realise you named yours Thor, i was only correcting what i misread =) Well it's your cover so i can't really place a title for it, Tor remix sums it up about fine for me though ^^

    Best of luck


  9. Real name of Song is Thor.

    Iji Trailer Song Remix doesn't sound so epic, and doesn't do this song justice :-P

    Thanks for the kind comments about my work =) and the song name is Tor, not Thor. In relation to the boss, Tor! I didn't think it needed anything more to it than his name, pretty cool boss name if you ask me.

    Chris Geehan.

  10. Hi guys, thought i would hop in and wave since you've all been so kind with your words regarding the game and it's soundtrack composer, or well, most of the soundtrack.

    My name is Chris Geehan, composer of the soundtrack.. and these boards are quite confusing! But i wanted to send my thanks to Dan publicly for being so supportive to me as i TRIED to be to him during this games making. I also listened to Robotaki's cover of Tor (which will probably see a re-release with improvements soon, if not a few other songs as well, due to time constraints in completing the soundtrack) and i was really impressed, the quality is superb and i take my hat off to you.

    Anyways, i linger here so i shall see you all around. =)

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