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  1. Yeah, I was terribly busy and then I was lazy. But I guess now that WillRock has posted again, I have to do something.

    iSent The Damned a PM almost two months ago. You'd think he could at least tell me "No thanks" rather than hold me in suspense about claiming Tetris, assuming it was/is a "Nope, sorry." :whatevaa:

    I messaged The Damned about claiming Tetris. For everybody, though, here's a WIP/demo/sketch: http://soundcloud.com/nintendude794/tetris-fur-elise

    I don't understand why this rough sketch seems to be one of my more popular SoundCloud tracks... :-?:<:-D

    Thoughts, constructive criticism? It's only a quick draft, and if I'm allowed if not encouraged to take Tetris, my next WIP will be much better.

    ^And then I tried to post it in the forum itself, following a fellow nooooob's lead. We both were criticized err berated by WillRock for it.

    You shouldn't post WIPs on the forums. That stuff should be private :P

    This is pretty cool, altho use of fur elise kinda makes me a little unsure overall, depends on damned tho. As far as performance/production goes, this is def cool, I love the take :D.

    Although WillRock seemed to like my sketch! ;-)

    Yep you're good to go. I've updated the Gdoc.

    6 more tracks to claim dudes!

    So, since apparently WillRock is running the sources [also/better], Howdy again! And since I'm finally posted--even though my past PM included the same track as my audition, while it was still in To Be Posted queue--I just now forwarded that same message to both o' y'all. :smile:

    We do ask for auditions from people who don't have an OCR artist profile... so yeah send an audition of a track you've done in the past and we'll see if you're appropriate for the project :)

    If it's no longer impressive--which is how I feel, seeing as how I recorded it 18 months ago and as such have likely gotten so much better--I also put this rough, specific idea for Tetris on my SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/nintendude794/tetris-fur-elise

    ^Look at how many people have listened to and downloaded what I thought a terrible sketch! 8-) And that's my most downloaded track on SoundCloud... :roll:

    Sorry to message in both places, y'all. I don't care what the answer is, I jus' need one and've been waitin' on one, so I can stop worryin' about claiming it and/or get to work on a quite legit piano take of Tetris. Thanks. :)!!

  2. So I'm scoring indie game(s) for a friend, here's one:


    Here's the Level 1 theme:


    Here's Level 2, if not instead a Bonus Room:


    And an attempt at the first Boss Fight:


    Another of his games I've already started on music for is called SketchBook Adventures:

    Although he says it's pretty much a dead project, here's all the variations on its theme I've composed for it:


    I post these here with a few questions:

    -constructive criticism and compliments, have you any?

    -do these three tracks feel like they belong to singular, coherent game(s)?

    -not a priority in posting this, but if you're interested in helping me produce/mix/master if not co-compose, PM me about it

    Sincerely with thanks,

    Hunter "Rubix" Short

    a.k.a. nintendude794

    P.S. Unrelated, my debut recently got posted! http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02427/

    Yay for not-so-good one-and-a-half year-old piano solos! :roll::banghead:;-):)!!


    This is just one of many musical projects I'm involved in lately:

    -Music Supervisor for recent and future videos at MrDrBrettMan (BrettMetz Studios)

    -A Christmas Musical Zelda Parody, also for the aforementioned YouTube channel (Brett's my roommate at university next year, we'll be freshmen)

    -Composing songs for my high school's best poet's lyrics

    -Scoring games for the friend whose game is the subject of this post

    -OCremix project participation, and aspiration direction

    -Original albums


  3. Source track:



    Also includes homages to a couple other themes, one from Metroid and one not :)!! Let me know if ya figure it out 8)

    Made a Double-Rainbow Version:



    Double-rainbow, all the way across the sky

    in Phendrana Drifts

    Double-rainbow, all the way across the sky

    it's freezing outside.


    *improvisational vowel-shape bus'ness*

  4. Sorry for the delay everybody :-( It sucks and we're getting lapped by a bunch of other projects, which pushes our release window back further and further everytime another project wraps up... all I can do is promise you it'll be worth it even more than you could expect from the previews and tracklist that we've dropped so far.

    "A bad game is bad forever, but a delayed game will eventually be good"--Shigeru Miyamoto

    A bad album is bad forever, but a delayed album will eventually be good. 8)

  5. Updated the mix: http://tindeck.com/listen/zpqn

    Just some slight changes in this version, but I wanna bump this because I was able to recover my project file and continue working on this :-D I'm really having a hard time racking my brain for ways to improve the B-section of the mix and actually layer in melodies/countermelodies. I might be in over my head, haha.

    Either way, would love to get some opinions here. Also, is that brass riff in the middle of the song lining up properly? I can't tell.

    To me, the beginning almost comes out of nowhere; I'd do a fade-in on everything except the nature sound, if not just one instrument/texture: when that melody reaches the appropriate dynamic, let everything lower or higher appear slightly less subtly underneath err above it.

    "I've got a fever, and the only prescription is MOAR BRASS!" ;P

    And even while my last name will always be Short, this remix need not be. :D Elongate it! -kinky-

  6. This is pretty neat , glad to see someone else remix geometry wars.

    Haha, yeah, hearing your old stuff made me wanna try it. ;)

    The only thing is that most of the song sounds like it's building to something but never getting there, I like the piano breakdown at the end. Flesh this arrangement out and it should be awesome.

    I should add crash cymbals to make transitions better identifiable, and add new layers constantly to keep it freshly building, and then somehow make the piano breakdown at the end longer if not also simply more epic. Perhaps?

    Another friend and I agree on a couple things: the bass guitar riff needs a solo moment before you struggle to hear it underneath everything; the beat needs to be more pronounced, especially bass, and particularly when things get heavy.

    Thanks fer the feedback!

  7. That's great man, thanks for responding in such a timely and tactful manner.

    Apologies if my "tactful manner" is to be seen as rude. :\ This week I've been waking up at 3 or 4 every morning and not managing to go back to sleep. So I figured I'd get back on the computer for an hour or two then return to bed. No luck, just 'bout time to go to school.

    Just on a sidenote, every time I see Edward Norton, I think of Smoochy. :-(

    Haha, I Wiki'd it; haven't seen Death To Smoochy. ;) Big fan of Norton's performances in Fight Club and The Italian Job though; only saw The Illusionist once, but it was also impressive. :)

  8. The Fountain (highly recommended)

    Insomnia (represent)

    Johnny Mnemonic (havent seen the whole thing yet but should be good)

    Krull (but you've seen this already)

    Wild Wild West (or day I say, wikki-wikki-wild)

    The Outsiders (a classic)

    HALO Legends (for you nerd types around here)

    Poltergeist (just one iwanna see)

    .......and moar!

    And these are just some of the NEW ARRIVALS.

    Peruse this list and lament, or dare I say, read it and weep.

    Heard of the fountain, checked out Insomnia first time recently (love it), heard of those next few, seen The Outsiders (classic indeed), not interested in Halo anime, and of course I really need to see Poltergeist.

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