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  1. I'm not new, but I've been away from ocremix for quite a while. To update anyone who cares, since my last appearance here on the forums... I am now 19, a US Soldier, and married. I enjoy techno, trance, electro and dubstep musics, as well as heavy rock/metal and almost every genre under the sun.

    I would also like to welcome all the newcomers. If you aren't already aware, the community here is great. Good support, good people, good acquaintances to be made, great musics to be heard, mixposts and self-releases alike. Enjoy!

  2. Acoustic:

    Esteban Guitar

    Violin (Japanese in origin. Pre-WWII, judging by the Trade Mark)


    2 Cellos (Lark, Ceclio)



    4 Irish Whistles (courtesy of Black Mage)


    Guitar (Vinci)

    Yamaha YPT-310 keyboard (thanks go to my fiancee for that one)

    I might try to get a family picture or some individuals to post up here later.

  3. I found out about OCReMix when I was looking for guitar tabs for various themes from FFVII (yeah, hate me). I came across a review for Voices of the Lifestream, went to the VotL site, downloaded the whole thing, listened to it, came to OCR and fell in love with the music.

    I've found that, as my taste in music changes, I can always find something to my tastes here.

  4. We had respect for Yashafan?

    My thought exactly.

    Really, though, you don't say something like that. If you had kept it to yourself as to why you couldn't pay him back, that'd be different, but you basically said "Fuck you and your charity" right to his face where everyone can see.

    Even if you told him in private, it'd be (however so slightly) different. Not to say it'd be any better; you're still putting your own WANTS over paying back a guy that lent you money. That's a real asshole move.


  5. You'd be surprised by the amount of "everyday computer users" who steal music and hardly know their way around a computer.

    Stealing music isn't quite the issue I was talking about. I was talking sale/trade of stolen goods, not just theft.

    Besides, how many "everyday computer users who... hardly know their way around a computer" crack DRM protection systems and sell/trade the unprotected file to people?

  6. I don't appreciate being screwed by companies because I *might* do something wrong. And the argument that it cuts down on piracy is garbage; how often are copy protection systems hacked?


    Your everyday computer user (probably) doesn't know how to hack/crack the protection systems but, at the same time, they probably aren't going to be selling or trading downloads illegally.

    People that deal in illegal downloads will more than likely to know how to hack/crack the protection systems AND they're more likely to sell or trade the hacked/cracked files.

  7. Here're a few artists I've found from looking up youtube videos:

    009 Sound System

    Andy Bagguley

    Carl B


    Cosmic Gate (Already mentioned, but hey, why not?)

    Dash Berlin


    Fast Distance

    Ferry Corsten

    Filo & Peri

    First State

    Ilya Soloviev


    Lowell Hales

    Marcus Schossow

    Mike Foyle

    Paul Miller

    Plastic Angel

    Ralph Novell

    Sean Tyas




    A lot of the aforementioned artists are pretty dern good, if you ask me.

    Also, if you have a capable media player (WMP, iTunes and WinAmp do this) go to di.fm and find their trance channel. Listen for a few hours, write down some artists and tracks and look up some of the similar works (the same artist and others that sound similar).

    Worked for me, maybe it'll help you, also.

    Good luck and happy hunting! :)

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