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  1. Consider yourself as having a brand new soundcloud/youtube subscriber :) Some beaut stuff on there!

    I really admired the Jun Senoue-esque guitar you've tried to apply to each of the tracks. It's really worked in some of them, and for some it sounded a little out of place.

    The ones that sounded the most 'generations'-y for me were the tracks that had slight tempo changes to their usual tracks. Ice Cap, Marble Zone, Mystic Cave and the Special Stage were standouts for me, although G-Mixer is spot on about the synths sounding a little flat in that last track. You might be the one to get me to upgrade to Logic Pro sooner rather than later :)

    Looking forward to hear more tracks from you!

  2. I haven't got a whole lot to add in terms of technical expertise, except to say that I love it and can't wait to hear the final version! It's certainly one I'll be looking out for!

    Especially loved that organ solo towards the end.. It was just the right length. It had a natural end to it that flowed nicely onto the next segment which felt great.

    At 2:36, is that supposed to be an acoustic sounding bass or more of a synthey bass?

  3. So I'm writing a track for the SonicStadium's annual album of sonic remixes, and I managed to scrape together a track on the last few days.

    I'm used to trying to record off the piano sound my keyboard produces (Casio CTK-900) but it's generally rubbish. GB doesnt have amazing samples either, so I've had to play around with the stock sounds and try and add effects to make up for it's shortcomings.

    How do others record their piano parts? (I dont have the money to mike up a grand piano as much as I'd like to :D).

    Also, would love some feedback on the track if possible. It's nothing huge, and the piano was all one take (as you can probably tell towards the end my timing lapsed..). I'd love to expand the song over what I've already written if any of it is worth salvaging? Could do with more fleshing out maybe?


  4. Thanks guys!

    I did use a sustain pedal throughout the entire piece. XD

    But you're quite right, I did tape directly from the keyboard into a microphone. I have a USB->MIDI interface but havent been able to record a clean/mistake free version. Ive got FL and have managed to get it to record so i'll give that a go.

    For the actual piece, I'm glad you spotted the reoccuring left hand Sirius, as I was wondering if it was too repetitive. I havent been too sure as to what I could actually do with it, so i'll be giving your ideas a go asap! Also, hewhoisiam, I'll learn to transpose it up a tone or two tonight. I wrote a little piece for my ex-girfriend for her birthday, and transposing at the end worked well.

  5. Hey guys, I have been a massive fan of OCR and the music that has come out of it, I thought it was only fair I start contributing. :)

    I starting working on this during exam time (Procrastination ftw), and also as a way of venting my anger at relationship issues I was having.

    Its still a WIP because I'm not sure what else I can do to it. I want to make the sound clearer and more piano like (I use a Casio CTK-900) and I dont know the best way of capturing the sound.

    I also feel like its missing something. Feel free to go bezerk and destroy it to pieces or give advice and such ;)



    LINK HERE -> http://www.tindeck.com/listen/huxb

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