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  1. welcome to games back in the day. you must be a young one or something to not remember these :<

    edit: who changes these damn thread titles? mine get 'adjusted' constantly. is this a mod thing? seriously? when did minimodding come back into style.

    i do remember them, i played doom all the time as a kid so this camera style is familiar to me, but the design options are just horrid, like attacking mapped to the right mouse button? what the hell, you gotta flail that thing. What about casting spells? Since it determins hit or miss based on random die rolls, sometimes you see the animation, sometimes you don't and when you do, you don't know what you did to make it appear grrraargh i really want to enjoy this game but damn

  2. Warning! Challenger approaching!

    Hello. I've been browsing this site for several years, enjoying the music and contemplating joining these forums.

    It was time to stop thinking about it and just do it.

    I am not a Remixer. I may become one someday, who knows. But neither am I just a random lurker. No, I have a different purpose here.

    I am the Remix Challenge. What does this mean? Several things:

    It means there are some games with excellent soundtracks that are either underrepresented or not represented on this site at all.

    It means I am here to change that.

    It does not mean I am here to tell you what to do; on the contrary, I am here to give ideas, to possibly dispel Composers' Block. And, of course, to see Remixes made of songs from some darn good soundtracks. To inject inspiration of my own unique brand into this community.

    I am aware that there are probably plenty of people here with a similar purpose. But...

    They are not me. That is all that matters.

    Now, serious mission statements aside, it's time for my personal introduction. My name is Remix Challenge; You can call me by my screen name, or you can call me Katie. Your choice.

    As I said, I am not a Remixer; I do, however play the piano and compose my own music. I'm not going to say I am a pro piano player; I am good at it, however. I have recently ordered Cakewalk Home Studio 2002--because it was cheap and because Dr. Fruitcake recommended it in his FAQ, which may or may not be outdated. I really don't care.

    I do love music, video game music especially. I'm not a big fan of heavy metal or rock-type music, though there are exceptions. I dislike rap.

    I will try not to let my musical opinions get in the way of my Remix Challenges.

    That is all.

    Good day!


  3. It's very hard. It takes a lot of know-how, contacts in the field, huge investments, time-consuming procedures that might result in something no one will buy, no matter how good it is. You can't just be good. You have to be GREAT. You have to know your shit perfectly and be fully up to date with every little tech detail and know the involved software.

    And in the end, it's still very word-of-mouthy and your personality is going to speak more than your actual work.

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