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  1. So I beat Skyward Sword yesterday. Pretty good, though not without its problems. But first, I absolutely LOVED the art style. Really fantastic character designs. I hope they stick with this style for future Zelda games. On the other hand, I couldn't stand the dungeons - they didn't feel inventive/creative enough to me, which is unfortunate, since Link's inventory this time around is superb (especially the whip, OH I LOVE THE WHIP). On top of that, they were realllyyyyy frustrating - not in the sense that they were difficult, but they felt tedious to me. I enjoyed Twilight Princess' dungeons a LOT more.

    However, the boss battles are fucking amazing. Every single boss battle was a blast, and made good use of the motion plus swordplay. I haven't been this impressed with Zelda's boss battles since Ocarina of Time. That, coupled with the orchestrated boss tracks, made for good times.

    On another note, apparently Groose is turning into a youtube fad/meme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4KcStmDqRg&feature=related

  2. Jeremy Soule posted this on one of my facebook posts earlier today:

    "Sopa is annoying for companies like google because Google and other Big Techs don't want to spend an extra .05 percent doing network maintenance required to block the worst offenders like Pirate Bay. Sopa won't touch the average Joe, or do anything terrible to youtube. In fact, the extra personnel Sopa may require means more jobs in the IT industry... And a little less offshore funds going into Google's tax haven accounts--money that is never repatriated or invested into the US economy. And, hell, some people in the music industry might sell some records."

    Also, http://www.copyhype.com


  3. I'd like to say that this is the first game in the series to really pull me in, and a lot of that has to do with the immersion factor. The world just feels... alive to me. After 200 hours, I had to call it quits for a while.

    Also, the new character designs rock. I can finally be a proud Khajiit without looking like a total moron.

  4. I'm a huge FFX fan, so this is great news. Though I do want more than just a simple HD port. A reimagined remake would probably be a ton of work, so I would be happy if all they did was remake the character models, spice up the textures and 2D backdrops. I still consider FFX to be a good-looking game that doesn't need much improvement.

    Though I would still love a remake built from the ground-up, too.

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