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  1. downloaded your game. unfortunately i didnt have anyone to play with at the time , so i couldn't really test run it, but so far so good!

    That ip display you put in there makes things pretty easy. Pong is great, haha and it will be fun to play against someone other than the computer. my only suggestion so far is to add an exit button to the main interface.

    thanks ferr sharin!

  2. MINAHMINAHMINAH dun dun BOOM BOOM (snare) BOOOOOOOOOOOOooooom dun dun BOOM BOOM -ching-

  3. niiicee, first skinny puppy ocr fan i know of. first time i asked too, but whatever.

    much a fan of industrial are you?

  4. these days, im not much for NIN, but some 8 years ago, oh man, Reznor was my bread and butter and every flavor and mashed ground topping

    i probably bought the fragile (somewhere in the double digits) times.

    i really don't like his new stuff one bit, but i respect his (well demonstrated free) music agenda, and i have great respect for him as once being an absolute genius of many colors in the studio

  5. thou art both even tempered and perceptive

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