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  1. What the hell are you doing? ...Oh, just joined.

    >You turn to the one known as Slut

    >Reply? Y/N


    >How will you respond?


    >2.Consume Flesh


    >3.Sarcasm - you have chosen to respond with sarcasm.

    >Crab Nicholson says " Forgive me for not posturing with the rest of the l33t, maybe when i've leveled up from a noob and upgraded my social skills we can group level and obtain killer Boss drops"

  2. >3.

    >You consume liquid plumber with lightbulb and saladbowl

    >You feel delicious and reap the benefits

    >Weapons upgraded from crab pincers to Lobster lance

    >Your gaze turns to the left where you spot your fridge

    >Examine? Y/N


    >You examine the fridge door and notice that it's speckled with

    "poetry magnets" crudely placed in a random fashion in an attempt

    to pass for some form of low-brow wit and artistry.

    >You are Enraged

    >Attack? Y/N

  3. 1241071120227.jpg

    >You enter a room. The following are on the table:

    >Double A battery

    >"Cocktail" poster featuring a young Tom Cruise

    >Salad bowl filled with liquid plumber and a lightbulb

    >Choose from the following.

    >1.Sign the poster with forged signature and sell for profit on ebay

    >2.Forcibly charge double A battery in european wall socket

    >3.LET'S EAT!

  4. Someone must.

    Who shall accept this mission?

    The possibilities are endless.

    Hatris forever.

    the gameboy version is amazing, Nes is good too..the possibilites are endless.

    I dont know any links to the chiptunes, but heres an NES gameplay youtube link


    and heres another youtube link for the gameboy version, but some dudes ranting over half of it. still worth the look tho.


  5. while i don't particularly care for this show, i gotta say, even i'm a bit insulted by the idea.

    you can't just switch out the key players like that and expect to carry on, it just doesn't work. switching out a single character, yeah ok, people will always talk about the episodes before and after that, but its forgiveable and will maintain the loyal viewers.

    But an entire star line-up?????

  6. i didnt want to take up two Posts with this so i consolidated my points of interests into one thread, haw haw haw

    ok, anyone have any hands on experience with the Korg ds-10 for (duh) nintendo ds????

    i've only seen amateur reviews for it on youtube, and it looks pretty coooo. They're saying and what im seeing is something of an actually honest to goodness instrument.

    check it oooooutt!!!


    any skinny puppy/OhGr fans?? or anyone just want to kill a few minutes???

    play my stupid game i made


    and the stupid deluxe version/sequel(?)



  7. I found this wonderful community (ocr) by accident one day while shuffling through youtube vids, and was shocked and amazed!

    The quality of the music is top notch, absolute greatness, and free???!!!!!!!!!!!!

    like i said, shocked and amazed, a niche with likeminded individuals who not only have a keen affinity for music and videogames, but who are entirely capable of consummating the two in various music styles.

    So a big thank you to everyone who contributes to this site in any way shape or form!!

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