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  1. Hello,

    Big fan of the site, but it's been a while since I've downloaded all the remix's (and some of the ones I have are lower quality than what's now on the site).

    Any idea when the tracker will be updated for OCR2000+? I don't want to drain all your bandwidth by downloading them through the mirrors.



  2. When I saw this: "Oh, ok. Another Aquatic Ambiance ReMix. That's cool. Almost 6 minutes though (???)"

    When I listened to it: "Wow. This is amazing. A lot of things done well here. Didn't seem like 6 minutes, there needs to be more"

    After I listened to it: "Don't recognize the name, but let's see what else they've done..."

    ".... what?! That's their debut mix? Can't wait to hear more!"

  3. Dude,

    This Piano piece is amazing! From 13 seconds on, I'm completely hooked, and the part at 55 seconds is my favorite. I've probably listened to this for over an hour today, easy. It's just so upbeat and catchy....

    I was checking out your other Youtube vids and you have a huge amount of talent. Can't wait to see this get approved and can't wait for your next piece.


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