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  1. So, I've submitted this to the judges a couple times and it's been turned down both times, so I decided to just completely rework it from the ground up, keeping only the same arrangement structure. So here's my newest and, hopefully, finished version. I'm posting it here to get ideas on whether there's anything you guys think I can do to push it up to being an OCR-Worthy track, if you don't already think it is...




  2. Sounds great. Love the energy. I don't know the original (a link to the original would help with giving feedback)

    The most immediate issues to me is the compression. There's so much ducking and its just destroying your mix. A bit of cleaning up with some EQ and perhaps tightening up the bass a bit more EQ-wise. It sounds a little too flumpy.

    The rhythms need some taming with EQ and balance. Have you recorded the left and right twice or just copied and hard panned? If you haven't that would help. I like the drum writing a lot, the synths are well-suited. You just need to clean up the mix a bit with some EQ and sort out the (over)compression.

    The solo is actually good as it fits and isn't just wankery. Just tighten it up and refine some of the licks a little bit.

    Overall I like it and think that this has potentially supremely awesome, but just needs to more polish and love. Hope that helps and by no means is the feedback I give gospel :smile:

    Ahh, that's a good point. Here's the original on Youtube, I'll put it in the first post as well. The vocals at the end are from the end of the DK Rap from Donkey Kong 64.


    And thanks for your feedback! I'll definitely work on that stuff. That's actually pretty much what I was planning on doing with the solo, just taking it lick by lick and tightening it up.

  3. So, here's my newest project. It's a rock remix of DK Island Swing from Donkey Kong Country. I know the guitar solo is shit right now, I'm going to work more on that later, as well as figure out an actual ending. I'm just wondering what your opinions are on the mixing, arrangement, basically everything else. :)





  4. Yay, big drums are big, and cool glitches are cool. At 2:10, I recommend putting another synth with the melody, to make it more recognizable, while keeping that odd wonky feel to it.

    The drums are really mucking things up right now, are you compressing your snare* and BD? and how are things EQ'd? Also, make sure things aren't clipping (or at least not clipping a lot) without the limiter; that extra gain + a cutoff at 0 dB can cause a lot of pumping like you're getting in the meaty section, and that waveform is lookin pretty thick

    *Snare is more important to clean than the BD atm :P


    I actually added another melody synth when I was working on it yesterday. XD

    Yeah, the levels and EQ are kind of a challenge right now, I'm working on getting it right. :)

    And I recently added some good compressors to the Kick and and Snare, like, yesterday. So those already sound better. That'll be included in the next draft as well.

    From 0:53 - 1:18, it seems a bit repetitive. I suggest you add some sort of variation (countermelody or harmony), and change it as it continues on.

    That's a good idea. I actually just got a MIDI cable, so I'll play around with my keyboard and see what I can come up with. I did notice it was a bit repetitive there.

  5. Thank you guys so much for all your feedback. You've been incredibly helpful. Sorry this has taken me a while to update, but exams are coming up... You know how it is. I actually did this while procrastinating doing a Physics project due today...

    But anyways, here is my fourth draft! I decided to go in a different direction at the end. I think this sounds better. Let me know your opinions! I'm not really sure where to take it from here, so it may be a while before I update again...


  6. I might have some (Ok, quite a bit of) interest in Ganon's Castle... I heard some ideas as soon as I listened to the source track. That's promising. I'll get back to you once I have some kind of coherent arrangement, but that may take a little while. Exams coming up and all... I just wanted to throw my voice in. :D

    Also, my Tindeck stuff is older, I've gotten better I promise. XD

  7. Yeeeaaahhhh this is sounding a lot better already. The mixing is getting pretty muddy now though; make sure you're EQing unnecessary frequencies out of the bass and the lead particularly, and the intro might be a little harsh in the highs (not sure though, I'm not used to the speakers in the studio on campus). The lead is mixed reeeallly quiet after everything drops in, and I agree with Ztm's comment about the melody in that one spot. If the lead is brought up, everything'll sound a lot more abrasive and in-your-face, as it should, and you might even experiment with layering another lead on top of it to alter the timbre and make it cut more

    The bass drum seems pretty loud in the beginning, maybe bring it back a little? It might just be the timbre of it, but it seems a lot louder than the snare in the intro right now. The drums aren't *quite* punchy enough during the meat of the song, compression and overdrive can help with that (be REALLY careful on the overdrive though; a lot of times just the default setting should do it).

    Stereo separation can also work wonders for clearing up the sonic space, don't be afraid to experiment. A lot of times I even create two separate channels for background instruments like pads etc., make them 100% stereo and then pan the channels completely opposite. It's amazing how much cleaner and thicker the soundscape becomes. While I'm thinking of it, glitching would be a wicked sweet addition to the soundscape, especially given the name :D

    Out of curiosity, what program are you using?

    Nice work so far, keep it coming. I'll be following this one :)


    haha yeah, I noticed the mixing right after I had already uploaded it, so I decided to fix it on the next draft. Which is here!


    I added another section, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'll probably end up tweaking it quite a bit more. I also brought back the drop-out with the voice clip and added some little effects to it. Let me know what you think. I tried to punch up the drums a bit, as well, and I cranked the Lead up a bit too.

    btw, I'm using FL Studio. Because it's what I know. XD I know a lot of professionals don't like it, but it's what I learned on and it's what I'm most comfortable with.

  8. Personally, I think the intro is fine. Around :38, my ears were BEGGING for some harmonic tension. Then when the meat kicks in after the "I am error" sample, I felt like it could be just absolutely HUGE with more layers to the synths and some enormous drums, and probably not just layering the individual drums, but the kits as well (like having some filtered, moving stuff on top with some big kicks and snares over top on the big downbeats). The snare you're working with is great as a layer, but doesn't quite cut it (no pun intended...) when it comes to the soundscape. It should punch through, and knock the wind out of me :P

    I think keeping one pause for effect would be great, but I agree that three may be a little excessive.

    My main gripe is that the song doesn't hit hard enough. It's got the potential for some really dark, awesome harmonic stuff to happen. Check out PrototypeRaptor's dungeon mix from the first Zelda for some possible inspiration

    Hope this helps, good luck!


    Awesome, thanks so much! I've been working on some of that. Here's my second draft. I still haven't added another section or anything, but I changed around some of the sounds I was working with.


  9. Thanks for all of your feedback, guys!

    To be honest I don't really like the remix.


    The instruments and how they go in the beginning and how the whole song is mapped out. BUT, the music may just not be for me.

    What do you plan on changing, since this is still a draft?

    P.S. The little pauses don't really fit in the song imo

    I'm planning on changing the pauses, maybe taking them all out. I'm also probably going to rework the beginning, make it a little more interesting.

    Funny, I thought the click at the beginning was apart of the mix, I actually liked it (considering I've grown tired of "fade-in" remixes). So perhaps utilize it in some way like having a tiny melody play before fading in the rest? I also like it because it helps me identify the song immediately instead of waiting for the volume to get high enough to be recognizable.

    It reminded me of another of my favorite Zelda dubstep remixes (prepare your speakers, it's loud)

    Overall I like where it's going. At about 1:18 where you get that extended note, I'd love to see some more bass pulled out of it and the ones like it.

    Perhaps where the song cuts off, you go back to about 0:21 so our ears can get some rest before picking back up for a more epic ending.

    The "I am ERROR" part is something I'm unsure about only because it isn't related to Zelda (if it is though let me know). This is my favorite build up to a one-liner in a remix (starts the buildup at 1:57). I can't quite put my finger on what makes me unsure about yours, perhaps the short build up arcade-ish noise could be built upon. There's nothing really wrong with that spot, I just feel it could better... in some way...

    Of course the song uses a lot of the source without too much interpretation, which I'm perfectly fine with, but OCremix may not be if you're planning on submitting.

    And I'd also point out that I'm not expert and that I don't make music myself, I just listen to a lot of video game remixes and am just letting you know what I personally would like to see to make this song 5 Stars on my iTunes, a definite feat. And the only reason I go through this trouble is because I like it as it stands and can't wait for another revision.

    Edit: Since people are bringing up the pauses (which I forgot to comment on), I say I kinda like them, but as always there's probably more you could do to them to make them more interesting. Maybe not a pause, but something else deviating from the norm Zelda style music.

    The "I AM ERROR" thing is actually from the game, there's a character whose only dialogue is "I AM ERROR."


    But as for the song itself, I've started not liking the pauses too much either. I may have it pause just once, and I'll put some kind of little effect in to make it more interesting.

    Not having a fade-in sounds like a good idea, actually, I have heard a bunch of mixes where it just fades in. I may start out with some drums or something, I'll play around with it.

    And where it cuts off, I'm definitely going to take it down, but not back to near the beginning. I'm going to add a C section (lol) and build it up to a more epic finale. I just haven't had time to play around with it yet.

    The build-up is starting to feel weird to me too, the more I hear it. I'll tweak it a bit. Expect a version 2 later this week!

    I'll check out those songs once I've got my good headphones. Thanks!

    I dig where this is going. I'll give some more comments when I get to my good headphones, but I love the glitchy instrumentation in the beginning. Though I do agree that those pauses might not be necessary.

    EDIT: After listening in my headphones... mmm that bass :3 it makes me happy inside.

    I love the trashy lo-fi-ness of the intro even more now. I still think that the pauses might not be necessary, but I really like this right now. The synths are really nice and glitchy with that meaty bass :3

    Hahaha I'm glad! I definitely spent most of my time on getting the bass sounding just right. Again, I'm probably gonna take out at least some of the pauses.

  10. So, this is my short little beginning of a remix of Zelda 2's Temple Theme. I was listening to my iPod while walking to class, and LaRux's Temple Trippin' remix came on. I started hearing wubs behind it for whatever reason so I decided to throw my ideas at my computer to see what stuck. This is the result thus far. Any feedback? What can I improve?

    I do realize there's a really obnoxious click right at the beginning, and I'm sorry. That will be smoothed out in future renderings.


    Fourth Draft:


    Third Draft:


    Second Draft:


    First Draft:


  11. So, this is a remix of the main theme from Luigi's Mansion. Not much to say about it, it is what it is. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. It's also just named "Weegee's Mansion" for right now because I can't think of anything better, so if you have a name you think fits let me know!


    Edited the mix a bit. A wee bit faster, and added parts of a song from Super Mario Land 2, "Pumpkin Zone," which is why I named it Weegee's Lanturn.


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